How to protect website from DDoS attack ?


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Use a provider that has integrated ddos protection.
CloudFlare (or similar)
Nginx + mod_security (but depends on many things, it's not a one-size fits all solution)


I suggest you to order good DDoS protection. You can read reviews and choose the best protection which will be suit you for price and efficiency.


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Agreed with the recommendation that if you're concerned about DDoS that you pick your provider carefully - ensure he has additional DDoS protection. Cloudflare isn't set up to protect against DDoS attacks - it only give you the ability to monitor the attack when it happens. If it's to protect a games server, I think one has to go all out to get a host who specializes in games servers as if he is a serious games server host, he'll have purchased additional DDoS protection and be able to offer this to you.


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I agree, using CDN is the most popular when it comes to protection, but you can also buy a good DDOS protection for your server.


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If you're operating the infrastructure:
  1. Large pipes to protect against attacks that are trying to saturate your bandwidth: 10Gbs - N x 1Tbs, depending on size you want hold against
  2. Routers that can do N x Mpps - against attacks that try to saturate your number of packets per second
  3. A hardware solution that cleans traffic, like Arbor


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To protect website from DDoS attack:
1. Strengthen the bandwidth
2. DDoS mitigation (detecting the attack)
3. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
4. Contact Internet Service Provider (ISP)


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Most hosting companies now offer DDos protection like Cloudflare based servers. So you could actually find a host that has ddos protection for their servers. Seperate ddos protection for your server will cost you additional.