How to start a bitcoin wallet?


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A bitcoin wallet helps its users to store their private key and public address in order to gain access to their cryptocurrencies and carry out secure transactions with them. Wallets can be physical devices (like a USB or any other hardware device), on paper (a printout of both public and private keys), as software (on a private computer), or a web wallet (online website).

Several exchanges create wallets for new subscribers. If you are a user, you will only have to fill your wallet with bitcoins. Usually, when your wallet is managed by third parties, transaction fees are charged and there is the issue of security. In this case, unmanaged wallets prove to be a cheaper and safer option.

There are multiple free wallets available in the market to choose from. You can pick based on your preferences - level of security, privacy, platform, etc. Depending on what suits you best, you can go ahead and choose a mobile app, an online platform or even a hardware device.

Apart from all this, the most important task is to ensure that your funds are safe. Make sure you approach a trusted third party or download a reliable application to hold your cryptocurrencies.


I found an easy way to start BitCoin wallet. Here it is:
Step 1: Download a bitcoin wallet
A Bitcoin wallet is an app or program that allows you send and receive BCH. Wallets also keep track of your BTC balance which is held in one or more bitcoin addresses. Generally, wallets also have a feature that keeps a history of your Bitcoin Cash transactions. There are many different wallets across various platforms. While they all share certain basic functionality, features vary from one wallet to the other so it’s worth learning more about How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet before downloading the wallet of your choice.

Step 2: Add Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to your wallet
Now that you have a wallet, you probably want to add some bitcoin to your balance. Have your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash wallet address ready and visit the buy Bitcoin page. Here, you will be able to easily purchase bitcoins with a credit card. You can also buy BCH and BTC right from the wallet mobile app.

Another option is to choose a Bitcoin Exchange where you can quickly set up an account and buy bitcoins with funds from a bank account or credit card. Keep your private key(s) private and never share with anyone. It is very important to backup your wallet’s private key and any other credentials for offline storage. Failing to backup could result in the loss of your Bitcoin holdings if you should ever lose the device on which the wallet is installed.

Step 3: Use a bitcoin wallet to send and receive bitcoins
Receiving bitcoins is as easy as giving the sender your public address. Sending bitcoin requires a few more steps and since bitcoin transactions are irreversible, it is important to pay attention when sending. Overall, the process for sending bitcoin is actually quite easy:

Copy the receiver’s public Bitcoin address (or scan QR code)
Open your wallet and navigate to its “Send” feature, paste the receiver’s address into the appropriate field
Specify the amount you want to send
Confirm that the address and amount are both correct
Bitcoin Cash is accepted by thousands of individuals plus many websites, and brick-and-mortar businesses around the world.