I am looking for a low cost server with a personalized support ...


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What type of server are you looking for?
This is a pretty low budget if you are looking for a dedicated server, if it's just a simple webhosting for a single site you might be able to get this around then depending on how much support you really require.
A solid tech is worth more than that per hour so it would be pretty tight on the budget if you require a lot of help.


Use servers from reliable hosts: rockhoster.com and legionbox.com.
24/7 phone/chat/email support based in the US, the tech support people usually go above and beyond what they should have to for the amount they charge.


Have a look at servers which QHoster.com and ASVhost.com.
Go and compare yourself, with the support and uptime, you really can't go wrong with them.


Servers from hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com (60% off) are worth trying.
They are great in all aspects!
1. Speed is very good. Tested on pingdom and found load time is 3s without cache .
2. Live chat support is ok.
3.Ticket response is sometimes quick and slow depending on work time I think.
4. Uptime is good.
Can you elaborate on the personal support requirement? Have you considered a VPS? You will certainly have more options at your price point with a VPS. Finding a dedicated server for $40/month (especially one that has decent support) could be a challenge.


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What server specifications are you looking for? Are you looking for a control panel too? Would you consider any other web hosts?


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I believe here you will be able to find some good dedicated servers: