Resolved I can not open a thread in the forum


Yup, general reminder that all Market Place thread postings will require at least 10 posts as outlined by this forums rules.

Requirements / Rules:

These are rules that must be followed for all marketplace forums and not meeting the requirements below will either prevent your post from being made public or may result in the removal of your offer as staff should not have to edit/modify your offers for you. (Even though we'll probably edit it if it's a quick fix, but don't expect us to proof read and modify your offer submissions for you.)
  • Account must be at least one week old. (You can not register an account and start posting offers five minutes later.)
  • Must have at least ten forum posts to be eligible to post an offer. (Obvious low-quality submissions that are clearly made to increase post count in short period of time will not be accepted and may result in your new posts being temporarily moderated before being made public.)
  • One post per offer section in a one week period. (If you post at 5PM on a Friday evening in the VPS Offers forum, then you must wait until 5PM or later the following Friday.)
  • No special characters in topic titles. Just use plain text. (★★★★ DO NOT ★★★★ DO THIS ★★★★)
  • No more than two colors besides the default (black) can be used in your offer.