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Discussion in 'Hosting Talk & Reviews' started by Wark, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Wark

    Wark Member

    Jul 10, 2013
    Junedataplace.com and asvhost.com deals are attractive for me and I wonder which plan is better to follow?
  2. kingfish85

    kingfish85 New Member

    Dec 21, 2018
    I have only seen junedataplace.com on WebHostingTalk however, never heard of asvhost.com. What type of service are you looking for?
  3. Ingrid

    Ingrid Member

    Aug 13, 2013
    You know both mentioned companies - junedataplace.com and asvhost.com - are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    They have fast server, outstanding service/ customer support and their uptime is 99.9999%! My clients absolutely love their services! I would most def recommend them for those who want to start a webhosting company as well.
  4. vikmanager

    vikmanager Member

    Sep 30, 2017
    It will be great, if you will specify hosting location what you are looking for. But I want to assure that vikhost will satisfy all your needs! It has high uptime, cheap prices and different hosting locations in Europe. Tech support 24x7 will help you to solve issues
  5. Mrejkin

    Mrejkin Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    I believe rockhoster.com is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. They offer nice OpenVZ and KVM hosting solutions at reasonable rates.
    They accept lots of digital currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin. Easily create and manage databases!
  6. Kostoprav

    Kostoprav Member

    May 17, 2017
    #vpsboard on freenode
    Why not to give Hostplay.com a try?
    With as easy a setup as this was, I can now focus on what's important, bringing in new clients, sites and hosting.
    I will be migrating all my current customers, their sites, hosting and domains to their offshore VPS next week.
  7. Derossi

    Derossi Member

    Jun 28, 2017
    #vpsboard on freenode
    I know DailyRazor.com is a professional web hosting provider with servers in the Usa.
    It has done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services.