Increase traffic?


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Hello, I am new to this forum. Please help me out.

What you do to get good traffic for your site.?

What are the best ways to sale the products?


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Webhostingtalk and depending on pricing you have Lowendbox. There's some other sites but they aren't as active such as Host Hunters.


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I've refrained from commenting :)

Everyone and their mother wants traffic, because ill perception is that traffic equates to sales.  It's a page greatly borrowed from the spam world.  Traffic helps, but at what cost.  Cost of bought traffic many do one way or another, cost of people seeing your brand in not-effective form, etc.

Think in sense of retail in physical world.   Does a Walmart have 10k people visit a store a day?  Probably.  Do 99% of people come, enjoy the warm and dry environment, and leave without purchasing?  No.  Why?   Because Walmart:

1. Sells things people actually need.

2. Didn't lure customers with crazy misleading come on in deception.

3. They offer wide variety of products.

4. They offer price diversity from very cheap products to a bit more premium options.

5. They have promos and upsell items to get more into your cart.

Now your business isn't retail physical and you aren't Walmart. Most people just DO NOT have a current need for hosting and if they did there are ____?_____ how many competing businesses?  Too many.

What I am getting at is the messaging, the pricing, the sales logic and communicating value vs. cost and trying to fulfill some need of customers.

All the traffic in the world probably won't save most startup hosting companies from failing.  Even if they get good on product placement, pricing, etc.  there is that weak spot with scaling workload - that is more servers to deal with, more support to provide and more interruptions.

Based on OP's lead in, I question severely ability to run something real or even pretend to.  But kindly, I'll believe that English as a second language is more likely the barrier.  That barrier will get pretty extreme in ticketing with actual customers.

And to OP's point of questioning,  you get traffic by doing honest work to earn it - be it via content (direct inbound, search inbound,etc.), developing a following in social media (includes forums), or buying traffic (outright shady buying or purchasing ads).  Those are your options boiled down.

Best way of selling products is at a high price and in large quantity :)
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You can buy traffic. I'm in the business, but I wouldn't recommend you try to buy from me, I'd classify as shady on drmike's standards.
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On the web, there are numerous hosting forums. If you want to improve traffic to your website, the Webhosting Talk Forum is the perfect place to start.


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If you set up the appropriate google ads account it can bring you customers who will also do some shopping. If you don't know how to do it right, hire a seo specialist