Launching Online Store



If you are expecting high traffic for your website then you should probably go with VPS. Yes, it is a little bit expensive compared to shared hosting but for the long term, VPS would be the best option to run your website with stability.
As per the cost of server, I don't think you should face any difficulties finding the VPS at cheap prices because there is too much competition in the market and you can easily get VPS at little more cost than a shared plan.
As I found it on AccuWebhosting for windows VPS prices starts only at $7.99USD and they also provide excellent support.


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An online store indeed uses a lot of resources. Make sure your host has proper upgrade options for you. Also if they will help you with the data move when you decide to upgrade.


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This topic seems to be one of those SEO shill posts like linking the exact keyword with the site URL, smart move.