Looking for more info about these hosts ...


I am looking for more information about the activity of these hosts: avansit.com and asvhost.com.
So any ideas about them?
Thanks in advance.


QHoster.com and hosting.uk can be suitable for all your needs.
I have chosen them because they offered the following features that put me at ease I liked as well as other freebies.
24/7 technical support
30-day money-back guarantee
Free daily backups and many others.


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Dedicates Server is the best option for you because it can handle your website in every situation. It is like a whole computer system Network. With Dedicated Server Canada you can easily host your website. It is capable to increase your visibility in your market, Boost your Performance, Capable to handle your huge load. I recommend Serverwala Canada Dedicated server because I am using it for the last 2 years. It is the best company that provides the best web hosting with various services. These facilities provided by them:

1. Best Network
2. Advanced Protection
3. Latest Hardware
4. Uptime Guarantee
5. Fully Secured
6. Premium Network
7. 24/7 customer support
8. Root Acces
9. Full Controls
10. Unique IP Address


ASVhost.com is not the only company to have a deal with, hosting.uk is also worth your attention due to their unmatched services.
The support is great and everyone is very helpful.


For me Uptime and Speed, Support and Price are very important factors when choosing a right web host. Would also prefer a cpanel host.
Must say that hostforweb.com service provided is excellent, including software provided, and personal customer support.
I frequently ask questions of their support staff on all different topics and they are always patient and helpful.

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which one is best for you it depends on your requirement and website type. Now I can suggest a simple way to select the right one. Here are some factors that are listed that you should consider before select anyone.
- is the hosting company provide hosting which supports your website type.
- are they customize their hosting plans according to needs
- are they provide 24/7 support
- are they take responsibility for any losses
- are they provide strong system ti security
- are they offer any additional services which can help you in the future


For about 10 months now we have had out whm/cpanel dedicated with centohost.com web host. Everything works good.
Uptime has been excellent and when something happens if anything support is on top of it.


Try Exmasters.com - they know what they do. If you want reliable, low-cost, excellent discounting hosting service, this host is the way to go.