Magento commerce or Os Commerce shopping cart?


Magento commerce or Os Commerce shopping cart? Why?
What are your views on and their clustered solutions?
Will it be good to deal with this host? Any alternatives?


Check out deals from and as they are able to meet all your needs.
Their support team is very helpful. Whenever I've had to contact them with e-commerce questions, they're always responding so professionally. My website is always up and running without problems .


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Magento is great, we have been using it since years. If you’re technically good and are willing to invest some time to figure things out, then give Magento a try :) You might also want to take a look at Shopify, many users have been switching to it.


Magento commerce is much better! Go ahead, is a nice option to get Magento Cluster solutions. Two or more clusters can be installed across different regions and covered by Geo-DNS for providing advanced DC failover solution. Multi-region deployment is in closed beta at the moment, but can be provided per request.


Have a look at accounts from and
The support teams respond quickly and give excellent service. They follow through until the issue has been resolved. Website has been very stable with few problems.