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The cryptocurrency industry offers a lot of business opportunities for all emerging startups & professional enthusiasts such as Crowdfunding (ICO & STO), Cryptocurrency exchange platform, Crypto Wallet, Crypto payment gateway, Lending & borrowing, and much more. In those crypto business models, one of the profitable businesses is Crypto Wallet. Crypto Wallet is one of the most reliable things to store, receive & store your cryptos. If you have any plan to start a business in the crypto sector, a crypto wallet is the best choice for you. Because in the market a very few Non custodial crypto wallet service providers are available and some of you may not be familiar with it. Let me explain it.

Custodial vs Non Custodial Crypto Wallets:

Custodial Crypto Wallet:

  • It’s an in-built wallet provided on crypto exchange platforms
  • Your cryptos are handle by third parties (Exchange)
  • No private kay Phrases/Seeds
  • High hacking possibility[For eg: A popular crypto exchange Binance was hacked in 2019 & nearly $40 million worth crypto’s are stolen at the time]
Non Custodial Crypto Wallets:
  • Highly Secured
  • No third party intervention, you can handle crypto’s by your own
  • 12 Phrase security keys
  • No possibility of hacking.
I think you’d have got a clear picture about Custodial vs Non Custodial Crypto Wallets. Interestingly a very few trusted Non Custodial Crypto Wallet providers are in the current market like Metamask. If you are interested to start your own cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask, get the best & secured Metamask Clone Script and launch your crypto wallet services safe & secure.

Benefits of Metamask Clone Script:

  • Possible to Access in Multiple Decentralized Applications
  • In-built with Adv security features
  • 100% customizable
  • You can test your exchange in the Beta module
  • Ready to Launch in Market
  • Budget friendly & many more
Features of Metamask Clone Script:
  • Multi-currency support
    Two-factor verification
  • Password-protected access
  • Multilingual support
  • Sole Ownership
  • Varied Network options
  • Local key storage facility
  • Multi-signature enables vault
  • QR code scanner
  • Home screen customization
  • Multi-Platform compatibility & so on.
These above features & benefits of metamask clone script are out of this world. If you’re wondering over who provides a power packed Metamask Clone Script, then you are not alone. Infact it's the basic question for all startups & entrepreneurs, because the current market space has a lot of script providers. Finding a reliable script provider is the most important task to do. So, I’ve run some technical & non-technical analysis to find out the best script provider. As a result, One clone script provider (Coinsclone) has cleared all my hurdles. Coinsclone is one of the most trustable clone script providers in the crypto ecosystem. And, they’ve successfully completed 100+ crypto projects [Crypto Exchange, Wallet, Payment Gateways] to their clients. Their primary motto is client stratification and their clients are from all parts of the world. Their script/software is 100% customizable, secure, bug-free & inbuilt with enhanced features. If you’re interested in doing business with them, feel free to connect with their experts directly via.,

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