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Discussion in 'Hosting Talk & Reviews' started by Ingrid, May 15, 2018.

  1. Ingrid

    Ingrid Member

    Aug 13, 2013
    Is the best place to buy an offshore VPS deal from?
    Are they as good as they are spoken about?
  2. vikmanager

    vikmanager Member

    Sep 30, 2017
    What are the requirements, location, etc. for VPS?
  3. Benny_D

    Benny_D Member

    Aug 10, 2016
    I have not aware of so i would suggest you to check for offshore hosting plans on reasonable prices with quick support.
  4. Kostoprav

    Kostoprav Member

    May 17, 2017
    #vpsboard on freenode
    I use Netherlands VPS hosting plan and host 2 sites on it.
    Use the promo code XOFF15HP and receive 15% off for all new vps orders.

    Their website is convenient, user friendly and most of all they will get you setup up in a web site hosting package that's both affordable and reliable.
  5. Orestock

    Orestock Member

    Oct 16, 2014
    Try to look at alternatives in Netherlands. Say is good one.
    What is so important is you always experience you are not alone dealing with customer or tech support.
  6. Derossi

    Derossi Member

    Jun 28, 2017
    #vpsboard on freenode
    Get 30% off in first month - coupon Code: I4JS661YNK

    Without a doubt, the best thing about is their support, I've never came across another company that's provided such high quality and friendly help for my products, and also things not directly related to my service; they'll help you if they can.
  7. Jackwebbby

    Jackwebbby Member

    May 5, 2017
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    I have been with offshore host for a long time. While they don't have much variety in their packages (they only have two...they had just the one when I first signed up so they are improving), what they do offer is outstanding. Their tech support is extremely fast. I have gotten responses to my e-mails not even 5 minutes later.
  8. Wark

    Wark Member

    Jul 10, 2013 and are worth trying.
    Technical Support deserves particular recognition for their ability to resolve problems speedily and in a very considerate manner. They are exactly what you would hope for from technical support.
  9. Mrejkin

    Mrejkin Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    You can trust - these guys know how to keep everything working and running efficiently.
    Use Promo code: happy2018 - 18% lifetime discount. The uptime is excellent, their promise of 99.9% is correct.