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Good day, we bring to your attention our service that has been working since 2012 and knows its business!
Services to eliminate sites and forums of your competitors using DDOS attacks.
We take on almost any project, from weak ones to high-security servers!
Our service is a quick solution to your problems with competitors and enemies.
Individual conditions for wholesale customers!
Benefits of our service

- We work with a guarantor.
- Low prices (from $ 50)
- Round-the-clock acceptance of orders
- 100% Anonymity
- 24/7 monitoring of all attacked resources
- We work with all types of attacks
- Prompt MoneyBack (refund), in case of failure.
- The attacked resources during the attack show no signs of life, as is often the case with others.
- Regular discounts.
- Types of ATTACK.
- SYN, UDP, DNS Amplification, Spoofed UDP, Spoofed SYN, XML-RPC, HTTP, GET, POST, TCP ACK / Reflection, DNS Amplification and more ...

-We provide a test for 5-10 minutes only to verified customers or people with a reputation.
-For the rest, the test is paid - $ 5 The amount will be credited when paying for the ordered period.
-In case of unsuccessful test and other force majeure situations, the money for the test will be returned.


- Day - from $ 50
- Week - from 300 $
- Month - from 1000 $

Payment Methods


Our contacts
- ICQ 266-444
- Telegram (https: // t. me / Liberty789) remove spaces for unregistered.
- Jabber [email protected]

Passed service checks, reviews of administrators, guarantors: