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Discussion in 'Hosting Talk & Reviews' started by Brothman, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Brothman

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    Jun 21, 2013
    Hostsailor and hostingsource provide a wide range of servers and I don't know which one should I buy? Any ideas?
  2. Kostoprav

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    May 17, 2017
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    Try narrowing your list of options by looking at the cheapest web host package that can meet your needs at the same time. Do not compromise what had been planned about for the web site just to meet the level of what can just be offered with the cheap web hosting package.

    As an alternative, can recommend you to consider Nvidia server hosting packages.
    I prefer to focus on something much more important, reliable web hosting and great customer service..
  3. Charmaine

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    May 22, 2017
    Use servers from reliable companies: and
    Their cost efficiency is very high considering the below-average prices and account specifications correlation.
  4. vikmanager

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    Sep 30, 2017
    I advice you to choose You can choose SSD VPS in different locations: Sweden, Netherland, Ukraine. Vikhost cares about customers and has professional support 24x7.
  5. Scopehosts

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    Jan 14, 2015
    Choose a webhost after considering these points,
    1. What purpose will you be using the VPS
    2. Where are you client based, the latency of your website matters.
    3. Uptime guarantee and support the web host provides
    Scopehosts offers you affordable VPS packages. Let me know your monthly budget, I would suggest you a suitable option.
  6. Orestock

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    Oct 16, 2014
    As an alternative, can recommend you to check out packages. You can also contact them directly and get all the things cleared.
    Their website is professional and straightforward; they report the facts clearly and intelligently.
  7. Droway

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    Aug 1, 2013
    Servers from are worth trying because of their top-notch services.
    Their technical support seems to know what they're talking about when you have questions. And they offer alternative solutions to problems.