SoftLayer - Even More New Locations: Japan and Mexico


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SoftLayer has been expanding to new geographic locations for a while now.  Last time I talked to a rep from SoftLayer was at a conference and he was talking about how great their new Hong Kong Datacenter was for the Asian market.  Well it seems like they have another Asian location open now!  SoftLayer sent out an email (to me at least on the 22nd) detailing news about their Japan expansion.  Here's a snippit.

SoftLayer’s global cloud footprint has expanded again with our first data center in Japan.

The new facility provides customers with a local address in Japan for data and workloads with location-specific requirements. It also joins three other SoftLayer data centers in Asia-Pacific located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Melbourne, creating even more options for data redundancy within the region.

And if you want to take your cloud solution beyond Japan and APAC, be sure to check out SoftLayer’s full, growing global data center footprint.

Get your business off the ground in Tokyo, and we’ll give you $500 off your first order for the first month of service.*

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Seems great enough!  I've actually been looking into getting a cloud instance up with SoftLayer in LA the other day.  I guess I could also select somewhere closer now!

Anyways, today SoftLayer sent another email about their expansion to Mexico.  That's right, SoftLayer now has another DC South of the US Border!  

Here's a snippit of that email.

SoftLayer’s first data center in Mexico is open for business.

The new facility provides in-country data residency for data and workloads with location-specific requirements. Not only does this new data center expand SoftLayer’s footprint in North America, it also joins our vast, growing, and truly global footprint of data centers worldwide.

If you’re looking for an address in Mexico for your data, there’s never been a better time. We’re offering you up to $500 off your first order for the first month.

But you better hurry. This offer won’t be on the ground for long.
Expansions, expansions, and even more expansions!  I'm pretty excited where SoftLayer is going to go next!


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The primary reason why Softlayer is blowing up much more quickly now is because they are operated by IBM. IBM itself has billions invested in the cloud industry primarily for government contracts and enterprise clients. Its nice to see the two expanding much faster then anyone could have expected these days. Their multi million dollar investments in these new datacenters will surely bring nothing but a more stable hosting infrastructure worldwide. 


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Actually, from what I heard, Japans internet infrastructure is quite solid. As for the discount, all you need to do is contact their sales team. Its been the same way for discounts every time they release new locations. 


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There was a time when Softlayer had entry level servers with competitive pricing. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. I'd consider them if AWS was similarly priced with more redundancy. 


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@Wintereise seems to be unusually happy and excited about this.

Also, Softlayer should fix their shitty network SG before expanding. It just shows how much they "care" for their customer.