SolusVM panel strange event


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Today I was setting up a VPS in a provider that uses SolusVM. So to make the story short, i first reinstalled with centos 7, got stuck at some point with an incompatible package and the IUS repo, so I said well this is just for a quick deployment, I'll reinstall ubuntu (might have done that 2 times after centos 7). After i finish setting up everything in ubuntu , ready to paste production files, BAM all connections dropped and winscp gave a warning of ssh fingerprint different, UHMM strange... Went to solusvm and it literally reinstalled the vps with centos 7? Like 1-2 hours after I installed ubuntu, why would it do such thing. Automatically requested the vps service to be cancelled. That shit scared me. Just imagine a scenario where the server is running production data and it just wipe the thing like that without  a requests for that? Things I though: a bug? an overloaded node? If you go into solus and try to do multi reinstall sequentally it wont allow it until the previous finish. Just opening the thread for discussion. This is the problem with these hosting "mainstream" tools. Nothing like the custom panels.
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Sounds like you or someone with access to your account rebuilt the VPS with CentOS v7 in that case 


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Weird have you asked your host as I haven't heard of that before normally it won't re-install a vps already being re-installed?


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My guess would be the host's support staff accidentally installed CentOS on the wrong container (a fairly common problem at some budget hosts who outsource support).

Sounds like you or someone with access to your account rebuilt the VPS with CentOS v7 in that case

If the reinstall had been initiated from the user side in SolusVM then Hxxx would be able to see a log entry with the IP address of the person who requested the reinstall


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May be the CentOS 7 installation task was just added in solusvm queue and get performed some time later due to load or any other issue.