Some Custom WHMCS work


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I need some additional work done to my WHMCS integration. The basic integration is done, I just need a few pages to be spiced up and looking proper.

What I need:

Add a link to header to ModulesGarden DNS

Tweak Template for ModulesGarden so it doesn't look like crap. Basically the editable fields need to be bigger and some form of a border to distinguish each area.

Tweak ModulesGarden SolusVM module template so it looks better with the integration -- basically just better separation on buttons/words. Spacing is all out of wack.

Not sure what the going rate on that is, but if anyone is interested let me know.

The bulk of the work lies in the DNS tweaking. There's some very minor spacing issues on the SolusVM module page.

Example of DNS work:

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