!SPECIAL! 1Gbit Unmetered - Dual E5-2650v2 - 128GB RAM - 2x1TB SSD @169€ | NL


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logo.png has a simple aim. We provide our customers with high quality servers but keep prices down. Our goals are to offer our valued clients a great experience and offer the best Affordable and most Reliable Hosting arround. We have two Network and Datacenter Locations in The Netherlands with our own ASN and fiber running to Amsterdam. We are not resellers like the majority you find on this forum. From the Core-Router to the interconnection and the Server Hardware, all is owned and managed by HostSlick and its associates including Staff itself. We are a platoon of professionals, not a army of amateurs.

Why HostSlick?
  • Wide range of Payment methods accepted
  • Own Hardware and Network in The Netherlands.
  • No Re-selling
  • Two inter-connected Datacenters in two cities that just run like all servers are in one building (Cloud/TwinDC Setup)
  • We are a platoon of professionals, not a army of amateurs.
  • Network based on industry leading Juniper & Cisco Equipment
    Server Hardware consists only of Premium Brands: Dell/Supermicro and HP Enterprise only!
  • Support On-Site for Emergencies 24x7
  • 24x7 Monitored
  • Friendly Sales/Support Staff.
  • Free IP Announcements (Have a IP range? We will announce it with NO FEE on our Cisco Router and ASN!)
  • Long-Term running business. We will not leave the market anytime soon (Guaranteed!)
  • No hidden extra costs. No Bandwidth over charges. Once reached, we will contact you with choices to Upgrade.
  • We love Servers and their Noise they make!
  • We could find many more reasons for you. But then this list get so long that you miss our awesome offers. Just try yourself!


    If you Order this server with 50TB Bandwidth (default included on every server) you will receive a TRUE UNMETERED PORT instead upon server delivery! NORMAL PRICE for this is 368€ ! This promotion gives you the unmetered bandwith for free making it only 169€ per month total!*

    Dedicated Server Dual-E5-2650-V2-128GB-2x1TBSSD
    CPU - 2x Intel Xeon Eight Core E5-2650-V2 2.60Ghz
    Cores/Threads - 16 Cores, 32 Threads
    RAM - 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM
    SSD/HDD - 2x 1TB SSD
    RAID - Hardware RAID HP P220i
    Port Speed - 1Gbit Dedicated UNMETERED Port 24x7
    IP Addresse(s) - 1
    KVM/Managment - Yes
    Location - Netherlands (EU)
    Price: 368€ 169€,- € per month


    *DDoS Protection not included in this promo.

    Payment Methods (automated!)
    Credit Card
    SEPA Bank Transfer[/color]

Terms of Service (in short form)

HostSlick does not allow anything (related) to the following content:

- Spam
- Malware / Ransomware or any kind of such attacks
- Phishing
- DDoS
- Childporn
- IP Spoofing / IP-Header Modification
- amp scanning

Anything which is not allowed by the Dutch Law.

Anything else allowed.