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Woah... But i think they c

an't earn $10 per day. :)[/q

uote]they can earn more than that. just sell a dirty cheap yearly plan like 4 gb ram vps for $48/year n close the shop next month :p

I remember selling that plan 6 month ago n get 30+ sales in a week
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Start your own hosting business in your holidays and earn $400+

Step 1 ($30): Purchase a SolusVM VPS reseller account

Step 2 ($10): Buy a .com domain for your business

Step 3 (free): Get LET/WHT accounts and a PayPal account

Step 4 ($0-$15): Make a website using a template (either free or paid)

Step 5 ($15): Buy and install WHMCS for billing

Step 6 (free): Create crazy $5/4GB VPS plans and sell on LET/WHT

Step 7 (free): Sit back and wait for money to come in, you'll get at least $10 worth of sales per day

Step 8 (free): At the end of your holiday shut down your host without notice and cash out your money to your bank

Step 9 (free): Spend the money after your holiday

Step 10 (free): Start all over again in your next holiday, now you know how to run a host and (hopefully) you can earn more!

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Did you really just necro a February thread with no other contribution than a couple of emoticons and a bumped postcount?
I counter that argument with: