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A sexually well-performing man is always a top priority and fascinating topic in society, but how often do we talk about the sexual well-being of women? Why is being Sexologist in Delhi involved and talking about pleasure a long-forgotten ideal for women? We talk about equality everywhere so why does it not happen here?

The questions related to a woman's sexual life can be endless which is why not everyone will be ready to take on these or answer them. However, the Dr. P K Gupta is one of the most respected sexualologists in Delhi, India.

He is known to treat premature ejaculation and infertility as well as various other sexual disorders for men and women. He has a doctorate that includes MBBS, MD, Post Graduate Diploma in Sexual Medicine (PGDS) & the Member Council of Sex Education & Parenthood (International). His name in the field of sexology led him to be one of the top sexologist in Delhi

"One of the things we all worry about is having a partner. For women, the fear of not having that partner is a great source of anxiety and even depression," Dr. Gupta said. "It's important for women to identify what they are most afraid of, and then face and overcome them. When women feel at peace with themselves, they are more open to taking on a new partner, as well as being a better partner to their current one."

"Women often have unrealistic expectations about their relationships," Dr. Gupta said. "They may be looking for Mr. Perfect, but Mr. Perfect doesn't exist. Women need to understand that men have their own issues, too, and often have fears of commitment and monogamy. In addition to learning to be content with who they are, women need to be able to respect that their partners are also human, and imperfect."

Women suffering from depression, anxiety or a history of emotional abuse are more at risk for sexual dysfunction. Many times, these signs are not recognized, and often mistakenly identified as menopause or other issues. If treated properly the women will begin to heal their relationship trauma, which results in long-lasting changes to their sexuality.

To be precise, The exam for every woman examines the role played by chronic medical illnesses, medications that treat menopausal symptoms, changes in lifestyle as well as interpersonal problems physical and mental actions, as well as feelings about sex in causing sexual dysfunction. Also, sexual issues associated with relationship issues as well as other factors.

Dr. P.K. Gupta sexual therapist in Delhi is an internationally acknowledged expert in the field of women's sexual and adult sexual health, with specialization in female sexual disorders. He has emerged as an international leader in the field of women's health.

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