Top 50 Most Useful Zypper Commands for SUSE Linux Users


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If you are a veteran Linux user like me, chances are you have come across the term SUSE Linux. It is one of the most powerful, enterprise-ready Linux distribution and is used by a plethora of companies worldwide. In fact, SUSE was the first Linux distribution marketed for businesses. SUSE has two variants – a free, open-source version called openSUSE and a commercial solution named SUSE Linux Enterprise. The zypper command-line utility is the de-facto package management solution for both of these variants. In this guide, we will provide some practical instructions on how to use this tool.

Zypper Commands for OpenSUSE and SUSE Enterprise

We have picked a total of 50 zypper commands that can be useful for anyone using a SUSE variant. If you are an absolute beginner, then this guide will provide a practical introduction to package management in SUSE. Those of you who are more experienced can bookmark this for future references.

1. Installing a Package

f you want to install new applications in your SUSE, you’ll likely need to install packages from repositories that have those available. The following single command can be used to install a fresh new package.

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