[US, UK] TortoiseLabs vServer - 512MB RAM / 30GB DISK / 1000MBPS - $6.75/month


Beware the bunny-rabbit!
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TortoiseLabs is pleased to offer our vServer services to vpsBoard's readers.  Our services, are of course, managed using a homegrown, mostly open-source platform we call Cloudware.

Service at a Glance

  • Locations: Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and London!
  • Services allowed: any service that is legal in the US and local region where the VPS is deployed other than mass email
  • DNS services: rDNS settable via trouble ticket (allows us to keep a close eye on abuse), full DNS zone hosting across a worldwide DNS cluster
  • Storage: ZFS-based volume pools with caching and prefetching
  • Serial console / VNC: both available over WebSockets, JS-based Serial Console available in the panel, or write your own CLI-based console using our APIs.
  • Virtualization: Xen PV/HVM options available and switchable via the panel!
  • Activation: instant following payment (provided you pass our automated fraud checks)
  • Control panel: Fully open source!
Basic Offer

  • 512MB RAM
  • 512MB Swap
  • 30GB Storage
  • 8 VCPU cores (fair-share, weighted by RAM)
  • IPs: 1 IPv4, 1 IPv6 /128
  • Price: $6.75/month (10% off)
  • ORDER NOW: Follow this link or use coupon code VPSBOARD10OFF
Speedtest and Ping IPs

Summarized TOS/AUP

  • IRC allowed as long as it doesn't attract unnecessary DDoS attacks
  • 3 day grace period for non-payment, open a ticket for a longer grace period
  • Tor exit nodes not allowed; bridge and entrance nodes are OK.
  • We reserve the right to throttle users who we feel are wasting bandwidth for the purpose of wasting bandwidth.
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Beware the bunny-rabbit!
Verified Provider
We have significantly expanded our capacity in LA and London recently.