Verified on WHMCS is it a good thing?


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Some of hosting providers are not verified on WHMCS is it a good or bad thing?
Being verified on WHMCS earns you trust from clients or visitors.
Not being verified on WHMCS is what most of hosting providers do some of them are not trustable. Some of them are just to scam people, you don't get any help from them, no refund if there is an issue with the server or anything that they can't fix, and some of them don't get verified on WHMCS just not to spend money, They are trustable, and a good company ( There is a small % that you find a good hosting provider that are trustable )

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At first be sure to check if the provider is using WHMCS or not by visiting their client login page. If the page looks like WHMCS but WHMCS license verification page not showing this, it simply means they are using nulled WHMCS. Simply avoid such craps.