VPS to sign up with ...


VPS plans from hostingsource.com and rockhoster.com are very attractive for me and I have to stick to only one, which is that from your point of view?


Give my for rockhoster.com and their affordable OpenVZ and KVM VPS hosting solutions. I moved my personal site to them and was so impressed with their service I ended up moving all my sites with the exception of one (it will be moved next week) to them. really good web host.


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I can advise you to compare all web hosting services, as it is a top priority for your new web host business to be well-provided with all necessary tools.


I want to say that rockhoster.com is not the only company to sign up with, legionbox.com VPS accounts are worthy and plans are full-featured .
They have active support which helps much in setting up a server and in fixing any other issues if they occur.


Hostingsource.com and rockhoster.com companies are the best.
Speed is great, uptime has been consistently great, email is reliable and support, if needed, is timely and efficient.


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Hai Charmaine,
You can prefer the good service and fasters response. Before this i been using other hosting so many problem then i change to this one Casbay Web Hosting Singapore really recomended i been using 2year. Good service even i have problem very fast solve.


VPS accounts from libertyvps.net and asvhost.com are worth trying.
No down time and simple (no hidden charges) billing.
Their servers are responsive, the network is fast, and the customer service is excellent.


I have been with Rockhoster.com for eight months now and I do not have one single negative thing to say about them!
I use my full disk space and bandwidth and their servers simply run at blazing speeds.