What are the causes of impotence in men?


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In impotence disease, there is no elevation in the penis of men, due to which impotence comes in men. As a result, they are unable to satisfy the woman during sex and produce offspring. Buy ED pills

There are many reasons for this, such as excessive drug use, drug abuse, diabetes, high blood pressure, bladder cancer, diseases of the nervous system, any injury, etc. Cigarette smoking does not cause impotence, but it affects the quality of sperm.

If for some reason the arteries become narrow, the blood circulation in the veins decreases, due to which the amount of blood does not get enough for the penis to rise. Due to which there is a hindrance in sexual ability.

You cannot get an erection without enough blood flow to the penis. Atherosclerosis, a condition in which blood vessels become clogged, can lead to impotence.

In a person who has been diabetic for a long time, who has also had little control over himself, such as 50 percent of the patients become impotent.

The removal of the prostate gland at the time of surgery in the treatment of bladder cancer can also make men impotent.

Impotence occurs in 10-20 percent of patients who regularly take beta blocker drugs for high blood pressure. Similarly, ulcer medicines also leave an adverse effect on sexual ability.

Negative effects of alcohol

Alcohol also has a negative effect on the organs and hormones of men who drink daily, due to which the man becomes impotent. Drug addicts also become impotent.

Complete impotence is called that which is congenital and there is no cure for it. But sudden impotence is less physical and more mental and it gets cured by getting treatment.

Symptoms of impotence can include persistent difficulty getting an erection, trouble maintaining an erection, and decreased sexual desire.