What's the going rate to store 1T of adult content?


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I've got one of those nerd-critical situations on my hands.  About an hour ago I received an interesting phone call from a guy who apparently drives by my office every day for work but he's too embarassed to come in.  From what he's told me, he's the stereotypical nerd with a large porn collection that he needs to offload locally.  Occasional ffmpeg.  Says nothing major, maybe 20GB of transfer a day.  I don't often get large storage requests like this, so I'm not quite sure what cost range to put him in.  I have the resources to safely allocate this on one of the machines here, and I don't imagine he's going to need a huge chunk of CPU power or memory after getting the "collection" moved in.  I'm mostly thinking about disk scaling and I/O. The machines I have here all have 4x4 RE4 drives, but they're also used by at least 80% of the clients in my building for one thing or another. I don't want to put them at any risk, present or eventual.


I have no idea what to charge this guy each month to store his 1TB porn collection and I would appreciate any suggestions.


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Err, but why does the content matter?

Or am I not understanding something. What your client stores on their VPS should be none of your business (ex abuse complaints / legal requirements etc).


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Does that nerdy guy named John?

For a start maybe you can compare with service like Backupsy/VPSDime/Xen Storage

But basically yeah, why do you care about user content?


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I think the content in question would be considered 'high(er) risk' than normal large data storage needs, so I think stating it was for adult content was relevant.

There is a reason some hosts prohibit it, just like how some hosts will prohibit game servers or IRC servers.


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I'd say look at your numbers.  Is it worth looking into provisioning on a current node?  Or maybe a whole new server (maybe one of those really cheap atoms?) and sticking a few hard drives on it?  Maybe just do a storage-only node.  

Content, like what @splitice said, shouldn't really matter as long as it's legal (of course check with your datacenter, if I recall certain datacenters are a bit anal with what they host).  But if it matters to you then hey by all means that's fine.  

tldr: I would probably just get a cheap atom, put like two hard drives on raid 1 or something.  

Or refer him to something like Backupsy lol.  


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The going rate to store 1TB of pr0n is 9.99 euros (1 Kimsufi N2800).  If you want redundancy it's 19.98 (2 x Kimsufi N2800's)


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Good feedback.  Thanks!

As for the content, I couldn't possibly care less, it just tied into the conversation at the time and what @MannDude about there being a bit higher risk.


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MAKE SURE IT ISN"T CHILD PORN. if it is charge him 1000000000$ (sarcasm!, DUH). You should hand inspect each image and video to make sure. ;)
You must provide him Offshore server which will sperate from your own server which you can easily operate them and your client which having vps they will also not get effect from them


If he has ffmpeg, maybe they are movies staring him? Joking, but consider as farhanideas said, an offshore solution. I don't think its even worth the trouble for 10 usd per month...


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1TB storage = meh $240 in disk tops overpriced RAID-10 one time invest.  Less with recent bigger storage.

20GB a day = 600GB a month... under 1TB.  2Mbit +.   Your BW upstream rate plus premium.  $6-10 ?

$20+ a month.

Depending on nature of his collection and what he does might be other concerns.   Like does he share such with others, distribute such, etc.  and does the nature of such content offend the narrow minded folks at your upstream / in that locality.

Some people are just shy and nothing to worry about, but enough problem folks with really edgy content or that which might create issues.  So ask at the door and be informed - if possible.   I might get him to sign a waiver on limitations to prevent any oops I forgot to mention my distributed collection of _____....
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I would allow him, The content he stores is his privacy and as long as he is not breaking the law by anyway such as child porography then it should be fine :)

Good luck with coming up with the decision :)