Which server is the best for me?


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If you have to run a e-shop the best one is KVM VPS it will have dedicated resources, Root access over the server


Servers from QHoster.com and Owned-networks.net are well-balanced and prices are competitive.
Their support crew is polite, expedient, and resolved the difficulties I was experiencing. Highly recommended.


This gives you a clear roadmap to follow, which will result in your business choosing the right server for its main requirements.
Business platforms. ...
In the Cloud. ...
Make your choice. ...
Match the server to your primary need. ...
Buy an affordable server. ...
Choose best of breed. ...
Buy the right operating system.


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For e-shop, we better suggest is VPS plan for Dedicated resources and the power of full root access to your server.


Can suggest looking at cloudarion.com servers. It has been totally amazing, and understanding with all my questions and hosting needs.
I started with a vps hosting plan, then moved on to a dedicated server, without any problems. Billing is also very nice.


IMHO, you can also find nice dedicated server hosting packages at Corespace.com - they know what they do.
I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.


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I will recommend Managed Hosting Services – bodHOST. bodHOST is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the US, offering high quality hosting services out of its US-based data center.


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Which server (inxy.com or asvhost.com) is the best for me as I plan to host an e-shop with?

You can purchase Linux/Windows Cloud VPS where more than 1000 concurrent visitors can visit at your website on a particular time.

Note: I have shared you the link here below:

Please check the plan and let us know which plan you are looking to purchase?


I know Hostplay.com offer feature-packed offshore servers. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good, steady host.


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For the Initial level, VPS Hosting is the best option and when the traffic increasing then you can move to Dedicated Server Hosting.


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If you are a beginner, then I suggest you VPS Server Hosting. It uses virtualization technology to give you dedicated (private) resources on a server with various users. A dedicated server provides dedicated support to a single client.


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Are you a beginner?? then we recommend VPS hosting for you. Because the VPS hosting is the best option for the beginners, you will get the dedicated resources and the full root access to the VPS.