Who needs large bandwidth for distribution of files?


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Anyone in vpsBoard community have a project that is eating through bandwidth and need more?  For free?

I don't care if you are distributing legal pornography, the 1892 encylopedia set or the world's funniest videos or even your own legitimate content.

If you have a project that is bandwidth abusive and need a big heap of free bandwidth, drop me a line and we'll get your project reviewed and possibly freely traffic your data. 

Offer is for outgoing bandwidth and Anycast is available.  

Drop me a PM with details and to discuss.


100% Tier-1 Gogent
Can you provide more details?
What sort of details would you like?...

I can say to start 1G sitting around freely to burn.  Network is MUCH larger than that....  But this is a test run and we want to burn up bandwidth, otherwise it sits paid for and unused.

Anycast is available, it is in place ready to go.

Source / data can be hosted on various nodes scattered around.  There are storage nodes with up to 12TB of storage.

Good opportunity for someone distributing large but limited number of files - big file size.
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