Why is there no free offshore hosting


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Why There Is Free Hosting But No Free Offshore Hosting?

a website can be metaphorically compared to renting out physical space. Being a host implies costs – servers, maintenance, bandwidth, customer support, but some companies offer free hosting nevertheless.

Free hosting means that the people who own the server do not charge the website’s owner any money to host their content. But it is limited in user support, protection, or conditional terms of usage. They make money from hosting your website by placing a bunch of ads all across your website or using free hosting as a marketing strategy to upsell their paid plans.

Here you are limited by the number of server resources. You have to keep in mind that common features such as PHP programming, MySQL databases, CGI scripts, and FTP may not be available. Hence, for a business opening a new website, or for any regular website, the disk storage and data transfer offered by a free web hosting service would be sufficient.

But in case, you are planning on using applications that require advanced scripting support or your website requires specific features such as additional disk storage, data transfer, more email accounts, etc then offshore hosting is the best option.

Offshore hosting is nothing but hosting your website, data, or application to a far-off data center location from your place of origin. In other words, when you have offshore hosting, the location of the server is not in the country where the business is located. There are a variety of reasons website owners can benefit from hosting their website offshore.

The most interesting ones are;

  • Privacy
  • Anonymity
  • Different local laws & regulation
  • Low cost
  • Tax benefits
  • No forced ads for monetization
  • Full customization & user support available
  • Reliability
  • Space ownership
  • More storage & bandwidth
  • Secured – data protection
In short, Offshore hosting provider offers the best assistance and have all the features & benefits that free web hosting lacks including high value for the money. Thus, depending upon the websites/web apps that you wish to run, and your specific requirements, you need to decide which hosting package is actually required.