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MLM is the best marketing method for selling products or services in which the company's revenue stream is generated by non-salaried employees selling the company's products or services. In this plan, the participants' earnings are obtained through a pyramid-shaped commission arrangement.

Stairstep, Uni-level or Generation, Board, Hybrid, Matrix, and Binary plans are among the several types of compensation schemes. A binary plan is a pay structure that is dependent on the second number. Two people make up each level of a binary MLM firm.

You can only join up or recruit two people at your initial level, according to this rule. Using MLM software to run your MLM company can be extremely advantageous.


Here I would like to mention the best reasons to use binary MLM software:

  • Lead generation
  • Multi-language system
  • E-mail and SMS integration
  • Building a core team
  • Back office support
These are the important reasons to use binary MLM software for growing your MLM business.