Windows VPS provider ?


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Windows VPS for forex trading, Any suggestions ?
You need a solid VPS to install and run Forex trading programs, because it exchanges the different currencies and due to the time-sensitive nature of the business, you need a server with the fast internet service in order to successfully and continuously trade.

We can provide Forex Trading With Windows SSD Virtual Servers starting from $15/Month

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May I suggest you these Swiss-based Windows VPS offerings? Our data center has direct access to SwissIX Internet exchange point to ensure lowest latency possible, operates in full accordance with the ITILv3 framework and has ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certification. Compliance with the FINMA circular 07/8 is audited externally.


I would like to suggest Accuwebhosting. They offer Forex VPS hosting for Forex trading in Windows Environment. They offer Forex VPS hosting in 12 locations. You can check a ping test of a hosting location from his website. Also their technical support team is very excellent. You can check the Forex VPS plan from here