Your New Year Nigh Plans?


Bad Goy
Continue setting up the last three backup routines and possibly draining one of the W/C loops for one of the computers here at home. Other than that? Probably nothing.


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Going out with some friends in the town square for the midnight fireworks and champagne, and then we're going to crash (at) someone's home (hopefully not mine).


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I would say go to the Little River Casino like I have the last several years.. But now I am in Birmingham, Alabama and I have no idea what is going on here tonight. 


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Ideally I'll be in bed far before the new year happens, like every other year.  I always try to convert to an early bird schedule the start of each year.


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Not a ton. Going to go hang out with a friend and kick back with a few beers I reckon'. I'm not big on drinking and don't party anymore so it'll be a tame night.