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Found 11 results

  1. Howdy folks! So recently there was a situation where a phone we had lost all of it's pictures via user error (User deleted all of their pictures accidentally when they wanted to delete one picture). So I'm doing what I can to try and do data recovery, but it's not going too well (Recuva's getting some, but still working on it). Anyways, to prevent this in the future anyone know of a solution to setup a regular full backup of your android phones to lets say an OwnCloud installation or via FTP or something? Also the ability to set this up to only work on WiFi would be a huge plus. Thanks!
  2. For example, say you want to create an archive of a directory to back it up: tar -zcf /some/backup/folder/yoursite_www_$(date +"%m_%d-%Y_%H:%M").tar.gz /home/someuser/somesite/public_htmlSo that'll create an an archive of everything located in /home/someuser/somesite/public_html. Great. But what if you have a folder with large files in it that you want to exclude from being backed up? For example: /home/someuser/somesite/public_html/bigfiles ? How would you exclude that from being archived?
  3. Introducing TurnKey Vault : the next-generation online backup solution that offers ease of use combined with comprehensive enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery features designed for any server, pc, laptop or database located anywhere in the world. 10 GB Account Free for Life Sign Up TurnKey Vault is the next-generation in Cloud Backup technology - enabling you to protect your most valuable asset - your data. Secure and protect your data in the TurnKey Vault with SSAE16 certification and offering a HIPAA/PCI compliant backup solution that uses military-grade encryption and offers the simplified ease of use that comes with the TurnKey brand. TurnKey Vault fills the void that exists with typical online backup solutions, by offering true business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) through next-generation Virtual Disaster Recovery combined with live cloud replication to provide instant recovery to businesses by restoring any server, PC, or laptop into a cloud-based virtual private server that is accessible via the Internet. Unlimited devices at no charge - if you are backing up 1 desktop PC or server, or backing up an entire datacenter of servers, our simplified data storage pricing model avoids expensive per device licensing models of other popular backup services. TurnKey Vault Secure Cloud Backup Features and Support Include: 10 GB Account Free for Life : Sign Up - no credit card required! Securely Backup Desktops & Servers Backup both physical and virtual servers Bare metal Restore Live Cloud Replication Virtual Disaster Recovery Linux / Windows / Mac OS / VMware Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Win Server 2003/2008/2012 Physical To Virtual (P2V) Advanced Scheduling Archiving Pre/Post Backup Actions Backup Priorities Email Notifications Unlimited Devices System State Microsoft Exchange Hyper-V Sharepoint MSSQL Database Military-grade Encryption MySQL Database Network Shares Oracle Database For more information on TurnKey Vault: How it works | Compare | FAQ | Sign Up TurnKey Vault is the only solution to combine this unlimited device pricing model with next-generation disaster recovery and backup features like bare metal recovery, cloud replication, Linux, Windows and Mac operating system support, encrypted data protection, enterprise database backups for Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL, and much more! Why TurnKey Vault vs Other Backup Solutions? Compare What makes TurnKey Vault the absolute best Cloud Backup solution on the market is our system was built from the ground up with business users in mind. From encryption so strong that even we can't see your data, to the most advanced features on the market - like Live Cloud Replication, bare metal recovery and the ability to restore a server, PC or even an entire office of computers, live, in real-time, into a fully functional, cloud-based virtual environment accessible from anywhere over the Internet. Resellers / Agents / Affiliates : sign up as a partner and offer white label backup solutions to your customers with huge margins and profit. TurnKey Vault is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of TurnKey Internet, Inc. specializing in secure online backup services. About TurnKey Internet: All servers and services are hosted in our company-owned and operated, ENERGY STAR certified, green data center in New York’s Tech Valley Region. Alternative technologies such as on-site solar power generation, cold containment pods, hydroelectricity, and SmartAisle cooling have eliminated our carbon footprint entirely, and made us the best of the best for energy efficiency nation-wide. Since 1999, TurnKey Internet has built a reputation of outstanding personalized service, reliability, and value. TurnKey is dedicated to success every step of the way. TurnKey maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is SSAE 16 Type 2 certified, ENERGY STAR certified, and the winner of the 2012 Excellence in Small Business Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. We are experts in the cloud hosting and data center space, and are here to support you for any and all of your hosting needs. Don't just take our word for it - view these Verified Client Testimonials and our 5-star, perfect rating from Shopper Approved. CONTACT US: Live Chat: Live Sales Chat Email: [email protected] Web: www.turnkeyinternet.net Facebook: Turnkey Internet Twitter: @TurnKeyInternet
  4. Backup solutions

    Hello all , Just want the views of all webmasters which backup solution are you preferring for your hosting services like VPS Dedicated Servers Shared Hosting Software or hardware Backup solutions? which would be your most preferable one?
  5. as the title says ...if you search for a backup vps how many space you need ?
  6. I have the following question. How would i best create an automatic backup system to backup a IIS enviroment + MSSQL Express to another server. The other server as you might have guessed from the title is runnning linux and is in another location. I ask this because i am new to windows server but would like to have backups. Anyone have a good solution for this that is preferably free to implement? If you want more details feel free to ask.
  7. Looking for a low performance dedi primarily for backup and for testing, if OpenVZ works. Atoms will be fine. 4GB RAM preferred 2TB HDD 5TB @ 100Mbps (Gigabit with same bandwidth will be great) /29 IPv4 IPv6 Billing Period: Semiannually Price Range: Around $75 Semiannually I had an offer from one of the members here, but unfortunately they are out of stock now.
  8. I am looking for a 500GB Backup VPS close to HostDime Orlando DC2 location (since the daily backup size is approx 70GB that I need to push offsite) What I need 500GB disk space 2TB + data transfer on Gigabit (I push at around 20mbit so it will not overload it) Close to Orlando-DC2 (any location) Preferably not OVZ since I cannot have encrypted volumes on OVZ I am using Backupsy, it has been rock-solid for me without any issues like disk-corruption etc. It was been running flawlessly. The issue is disk space, backupsy does not offer the highly-discounted rates. VPSDime is good but it does not offer non-PayPal payment options. Please suggest/advise
  9. So, you bought one of those super duper under-priced and guaranteed to be oversold VPS packages. You know, one of those featuring 50GB, 100GB or even more disk space. Wisely, you bought it on a special, and now are letting it idle and season to see if it is reliable before deploying it. All while your provider is busy noticing the node is empty, the CPU is idle and continues to oversell the server more. Or perhaps your provider lost your data, took ten days to reply to tickets and finally informed you that you are screwed, the data is gone. What to do? Claim some of your resources for the rest of your stay as a customer: Consume disk, eat up your backup space, etc. sudo su mkdir /home/workfiles cd /home/workfiles dd if=/dev/urandom of=/home/workfiles/music_edit1.wav bs=100M count=100 What we are doing: sudo su = become root mkdir /home/workfiles = creating a new directory under /home for our stash files cd /home/workfiles = changing to our newly created directory dd if=/dev/urandom of=/home/workfiles/music_edit1.wav bs=100M count=100 - this creates a file from random data (/dev/urandom). The file is 100M in chunk size before the write to disk happens. We keep this small so as to not run out RAM. We do 100 of these to create a 10GB file. Outcome: We just chewed up 10GB of disk space or reserved it for your future use. To reserve larger blocks of disk space for later use, adjust the count= to larger values (i.e. 200 = 20GB) or smaller values (i.e. 50 = 5GB). Be sure to adjust the of= end file name for each file (i.e. /home/workfiles/music_edit2.wav). I'd create a number of these files so you can "recover" disk space as needed. For instance, if you have 50GB of disk: Create files that are 5% of total available disk in size or 2.5GB per file. music_edit1.wav music_edit2.wav music_edit3.wav music_edit4.wav music_edit5.wav music_edit6.wav music_edit7.wav music_edit8.wav music_edit9.wav music_edit10.wav ================= 10 files @ 2.5GB each = 25GB or 50% of the available storage provided in your package. When you decide to put your VPS to regular good use and need disk space, delete reserved space files as needed. Yes, you can create one big reserve file (say if 50GB of disk allocated, create a 40GB single file). Note: Since we are populating these files with random data, the files will not show any size in savings when compressed. Meaning backups and other disk reduction methods will not succeed in reducing your use footprint. You will use every byte of disk you have reserved in these files on that disk and same will be true of the provider backups.
  10. Howdy fellows, I am looking for your recommendation concerning reliable storage/backup VPS providers in the EU. Specs: 256+ MB RAM 60+ GB RAID-HDD 100mbps+ Port 200 GB+ Traffic Virtualization could be OpenVZ, Xen, KVM. I would prefer every location that is NOT in the UK for private reasons. Budget is not set yet. Reliability is the key. Thank you very much in advance & kind regards Amitz
  11. Hey there, I'm working on a project and it'd be nice if I could easily create snapshots of my VPS data to restore easily later if need be. Basically, i'm working on a learning project and would hate to get to a point where I mess something up so badly that I have to start from point blank like I usually do (Fuck up, can't fix it, reload OS). It'd be nice if instead I can just take a snapshot as my work progresses. Probably need 256MB RAM (initially at least, can probably get everything to run in 96-128 after optimizations), 10GB storage, 50GB transfer. Nothing I'll be doing is CPU or RAM intensive, just going to be used for some development work ontop of a LEMP stack. Anyone know of a good provider for this?