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Found 42 results

  1. To my surprise, I notice a email in my inbox today from none other than a "Gregory Clark" of Colocrossing threatening to sue vpsBoard for 'libel' in regards to a user made review of one of their companies, HudsonValleyHost. As you can imagine, this came as a bit of shock to me as vpsBoard itself does not publish reviews and instead is simply a platform and outlet for end users to publish their experiences with companies if they do wish to do so. Furthermore the letter was addressed to me personally, as the owner of vpsBoard, accusing myself personally of libel instead of requesting information about the end-user who supposedly committed the libel. The thread in question that they don't want you to see was published in 2014 which can be read in full detail here: As always, vpsBoard has been an open platform in which users can share their experience and providers can, and are encouraged, to respond and share their side of the story as well. There have been many examples of complaints and issues being resolved using this platform and their failure to engage or resolve the issue with the end user who wrote the review is on them, not me. They make the claim that I allow this knowing it to be 'factually untrue'. This is indeed false. Based on a wide selection of reviews made on this company and others under the parent company's control during this time period, on vpsBoard and other similar sites, it would not be unreasonable to believe that the words written are true. The burden of proving the readers that the review is factual, exaggerated, or completely false is not on me. The timeline of events are known only by those who had direct experience with the situation outlined in the above thread which would be the original poster and any number of staff that worked for ColoCrossing or Hudson Valley Host at the time. I wonder if iNet / WebHostingTalk was served the same letter for the same thread made there, which can be read in full here: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1342625 This is a thread that WebHostingTalk temporarily "Featured", and interestingly enough the same thread was made on LowEndTalk itself right here: https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/20550/colocrossing-hudson-valley-host-where-is-my-refund/p1 and as you'll see, it's still up. So this poses the question, why is Colocrossing picking on vpsBoard? Was it a funny game for them to send me a threatening legal letter on my birthday? (The letter was drafted on the 24th, original email that I overlooked was sent on the 25th) What are their true intentions? And here I was, thinking that the hatchet had been buried after years of petty little back and forths.
  2. Let's talk about the problem with ColoCrossing engaging in fake reviews to increase the reputation of their company in search. URL: https://www.google.com/search?q=colocrossing 25 Google Reviews. 4.0 out of possible 5.0 score. What do we find? A pile of shills. A bunch of reviews that are not reviews but Biloh telling his partners, friends and employees/contractors to review favorably. #1 = Iranian owner and long term Iran peering on CC's network. Sindad See: https://www.facebook.com/Sindad.Co/ Morteza Soltani in the last week I have been using Colocrossing for a 5 years and can tell you that their service is the highest quality. The costumer service is very quick to answer any questions or problems you might have. I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable colocation service. #2 = Sepehr Safadar another most likely Iranian Sepehr Safadar a week ago Have been working with ColoCrossing for four years and it has proven to be a reliable company with high quality and stable services and knowledgeable and skilled team which is quite rare in today's market. #3 = CJ Sculti, 18 year old hacker and IP range hijacker. Known lately for hijacking China range containing IP, see http:/ to see what this guy is about. Long time mass IP blocked by Spamhaus, for spam and abuse: https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/listings/datawagon.net Here's that hijack IP with website on it: CJ Sculti a week ago I've had a few racks colocated with these guys for almost a year now. They've been great! ...More #4 = milan pitroda, good guy, but he provides all the customer support (via outsourcing in India) for the many CC brands, including CVPS, 123Systems, BlueVM, etc. So he's technically on CC payroll as a contractor. milan pitroda a week ago CC have improved a lots in their infrastructure which helped to increase the speed of the server and stop spamming #5 = Good old Thomas Dale, he once worked for ColoCrossing and ChicagoVPS. Until the UGVPS outing happened. See: Thomas Dale a week ago ColoCrossing has provided numerous services to myself for personal or commercial. They have helped me with everything from single servers to full racks with fiber uplinks :). Jon B. is a 100% pleasure to work with from initial sales to ...More #6 Ali Hajyani, Iranian. Visperad Networks. See: https://www.facebook.com/A.hajyani Ali Hajyani a month ago #7 Luc Ayotte. Former ChicagoVPS employee. Luc Ayotte a month ago #8 Mike Walker. Active ColoCrossing employee. See: http://mattburdine.org/WhyChicagoVPSLostMyBusiness.txt Mike Walker a month ago This is by far the best data center facility in the Buffalo market. They are the only provider in the market that has onsite tech 24x7x365. I can call in at 3 AM and their support staff is there ready to help. They respond extremely fast to ...More #9 Danny Dahl, could this be the Danny Dahl referenced by Spamhaus, see: https://www.spamhaus.org/rokso/evidence/ROK11457/online-media-connect/main-information Danny Dahl a month ago Both Jon & Alex have helped me grow my business through the years tremendously. Def. recommend them to any company looking for a great reliable company that can help scale with their business. ...More #10 Chris Niedojadlo, we have a shrine to this guy. Who is the 'us' he's referring to? Would that be his companies ala Net3 or would it be Servermania? This guy isn't just a random customer. Biloh hangs out with this guy in far away real life. See: Chris Niedojadlo 2 months ago ColoCrossing has been providing us with Colocation services for just over 4 years with fantastic service and uptime. We would highly recommend them to everyone needing data center services. #11 Jonathan Nguyen - Jonny "I LOVE SPAM" Nguyen (that is winning to you). No need. Everyone knows him and Biloh love spam and collaborated to provide IPs for spam use. Search any hosting community for him or Greenvaluehost and the strings will consume the next week of your life laughing and having you spewing your beverages out of your nose in laughter. Jonathan Nguyen 2 months ago Have been a customer for four years. ColoCrossing is very accommodating for their customers and offer a truly premium service that can be relied upon. Management frequently makes themselves available for customers and cares about the ...More What did we learn? Of 25 reviews, 11 of them have no business ever of having been left. 11 / 25 = 44% of the reviews for ColoCrossing on Google are fraudulent. 2 are from companies in Iran on controlled do not do business with list, still, even if one pretends to be an LLC in Nevada, while leaking Iran data info in peering. Not like other reputable companies are going to go violate US law over embargo. Many of the reviewers are involved in spam. One is from a hacker / IP hijacker ... and most importantly 4 of them are current or former ColoCrossing employee
  3. Today there is a mega ton of ransomware infecting going on. Malware payloads are being pushed all over the place via ad networks and it's YUGE. Ransomeware is simple, it encrypts your files and holds them hostage. To get your data back, you pay the robbers via Bitcoin to reverse the mess. Article excerpt: The tainted ads may have exposed tens of thousands of people over the past 24 hours alone, according to a blog post published Monday by Trend Micro. The new campaign started last week when "Angler," a toolkit that sells exploits for Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and other widely used Internet software, started pushing laced banner ads through a compromised ad network. According to a separate blog post from Trustwave's SpiderLabs group, one JSON-based file being served in the ads has more than 12,000 lines of heavily obfuscated code. When researchers deciphered the code, they discovered it enumerated a long list of security products and tools it avoided in an attempt to remain undetected. "If the code doesn't find any of these programs, it continues with the flow and appends an iframe to the body of the html that leads to Angler EK [exploit kit] landing page," SpiderLabs researchers Daniel Chechik, Simon Kenin, and Rami Kogan wrote. "Upon successful exploitation, Angler infects the poor victim with both the Bedep trojan and the TeslaCrypt ransomware–double the trouble." The ads are spreading on sites including answers.com, zerohedge.com, and infolinks.com. Legitimate mainstream sites receive the malware from domain names that are associated with compromised ad networks. The most widely seen domain name in the current campaign is brentsmedia[.]com. Whois records show it was owned by an online marketer until January 1, when the address expired. It was snapped up by its current owner on March 6, a day before the malicious ad onslaught started. source: http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/03/big-name-sites-hit-by-rash-of-malicious-ads-spreading-crypto-ransomware/ I saw this slop coming when Spamhaus turned up efforts on TeslaCrypt. Ongoing issue in past week.. and look the boys in Buffalo are hosting at least two TeslaCrypt payment extortion IPs. see: https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/listings/velocity-servers.net Quadranet is hosting at least 5 different extortion IPs: source: https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/listings/quadranet.com It is recommended, for now and probably for good that you disable Flash plugin, disable SilverLight and put all other plugins on click to play or similar. And... folks wonder why I've long advocated Javascript off.... do dah!
  4. Buffalo, New Jerk, leading web hosting company VSNX known by eight other family of company names including ColoCrossing announces global domination! We own your hosting! Among the acquisitions in this round: http://realoffshore.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=1 "... Realoffshore.net is part of the VSNX family of companies..." hostaar.com/terms/ "... Hostaar is part of the VSNX family of companies and that their statement will show “ColoCrossing” for the credit card charge..." https://www.bilalhost.com/privacy-policy/ "... BilalHost Pakistan is part of the VSNX family of companies ..." cavpshost.com/tos.html "... CaVPS Host Valley Host reserves the right to change its policies at any time without prior notification. CaVPS Host is part of the VSNX family of companies..." see below for their live support being unsure of who they are... and then going silent... www.hostfair.net/terms.php "... HostFair is part of the VSNX family of companies and that their statement will show "ColoCrossing" for the credit card charge ..." http://kryptonichosting.net/billing/policies.php "... Kryptonic Hosting is part of the VSNX family of companies. ..." http://alldigitalword.com/about/ "... LowEndBox is part of the VSNX family..." http://hostmeek.com/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=1 "... hostmeek is part of the VSNX family of companies. Our Mailing Address: hostmeek 8195 Sheridan Drive Buffalo, NY 14221..."
  5. Spamhaus blacklisted over 131K ColoCrossing IPs this weekend for repeat offenses and Ernie Quick of Hudson Valley Host and Jon Biloh of ColoCrossing are trying to use the blacklisting as an opportunity to squeeze more money from customers for a $10 mail service add-on. TL;DR Ernie just earned himself the title of unethical piece of lowlife shit for this attempt to squeeze more money from customers for something (ColoCrossing's long history of being a spam friendly host who rnts servers to criminals and spammers) that was not their fault. Customers opens a ticket about their IPs being blacklisted and this is the response they get: Note to f*cktards Ernie Quick and Jon Biloh: FTC regulations require that your advertisements accurately describe the product that you're selling which means you need to mention in your ads that the product you're selling comes with blacklisted IP addresses... You clowns should be offering the MailChannels relay service to customers for free as compensation for your inability to keep your IP space clean. TL;DR for buyers: don't pay these f*ckwads $10 for something that is entirely their fault, demand a refund because the product you received wasn't as described in the advertisements.
  6. Back in December ColoCrossing was issued by ARIN a /14 of IP space: http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/query/SBL214220 NetRange: - CIDR: OriginAS: AS36352 NetName: CC-17 NetHandle: NET-107-172-0-0-1 Parent: NET-107-0-0-0-0 NetType: Direct Allocation RegDate: 2013-12-27 Updated: 2013-12-27 SpamHaus, just yesterday lopped off a /16 of the range for bad behavior / use of IPs for "Snowshoe spam operation" SBL214220 velocity-servers.net 25-Feb-2014 10:39 GMT snowshoe range
  7. So something strange going on in Buffalo with my old go to for drama - ColoCrossing. They demo'd on LET new datacenter they built out in mixed use office building. Strange stuff going on now where they rapid force migrated some folks on just a few days notice. Others are having issues with their stuff not routing to the new datacenter. Folks here (I know some of you use CC) impacted by this? Speaking of forced migration, get ready for a weekend of entertainment: IMPORTANT - ChicagoVPS Buffalo data center will be relocated Firday June 19th at 8am EST lasting until 8pm EST. ________________________________________ It is expected that there will be no more than 2 hours of downtime for any service as we are staggering the migrations over the course of the day. The result of this relocation is that our customer and partner facing infrastructure will be located in a fully redundant Tier 2 commercial data center, allowing for greater uptime, network and physical security, reliability, and scalability. ________________________________________
  8. Someone dropped by 1090 over at Coresite in San Jose. While there, they stumbled into Colocrossing's rack and equipment. What to note before the server photo porn? No cable management. Random cabling and uncabling. Puny and ancient top of rack switches. Is that a Catalyst 3500? This is nothing remotely like their $1 million router claims of new great routing gear. On to the photos: Hey fuck faces... here's your rack censorship nazis. Catalayst 3500 top of rack switch: Rack spaghetti: EDITED: October 8. Imgur either pulled the photos or lost them.... EDITED: October 9, New image upload site with photos got DDoS'd. Even though only images on that site were the 4 above photos. So now photos are back elsewhere. Have fun getting them pulled. EDITED: October 10, yes sir, images pulled down again. So, what to do about the corporate bullies? Photos are now hosted by bayimg.com, the censorship free image hosting from PirateBay. Have fun skids... DMCA away, DDoS them, etc. EDITED: October 11, yes MannDude pulled the photos off as a gentlemens agreement with John Biloh. Mann said if they'd ask nicely he'd pull them. They asked, he obliged. Well tonight over on LET, Biloh and Fabozzi must be drunk or something, on a bender. Slamming the censorship and threatening ban hammer... Creating new groups for users who dare have vpsBoard in their signature. So fuck them. I put the photos back. EDITED: October 13, people still complaining they can't see the images. Someone offered to host them on a new site with DDoS protection: http://coloscamming.com/ http://bayimg.com/iaaJIAaFN http://bayimg.com/IAajKaAFn http://bayimg.com/iAajlAAFn http://bayimg.com/iaaJMAaFN
  9. Not my typical schtick, but times are changing and I give out brownie points for good behavior when I think folks deserve it. This comes to us from the shadowy underside of the net, one of those black background, hack oriented communities. That was as of a few days ago. HackForums has a related thread about this: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:CIRHZUcbCoUJ:http://www.hackforums.net/archive/index.php/thread-4692889-1.html+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us In the HF thread it talks a bit more about it. What ColoCrossing did is put rate limiting cap in place. If a server on CC's network hits 500Mbit for over 10 minutes, it gets rate limited at 100Mbit for next 48 hours. Why does this matters to DDoS / stresser folks? 1/10th of their pipe speed with that. So I applaud CC on being creative here and dealing a blow to the web stressers / DDoS attackers / etc. Still should deal with the BGP standard circa 2000 that does away with spoofing. I head they claim enabling such causes other stuff to get dropped in their network. Wondering what is up with that and if this inability to BGP smack the problem out isn't lack of proper BGP router still. But that's above my pay scale. Ideally some BGP person can comment. Big applause to CC for reigning in abuse a bit. Let's see more of this.
  10. Around here we know of the ColoCrossing spoofable network and the interest such attracts from HackF*rums. In a similar spoof, someone on HF has created or renamed an account to promote ColoCrossing: This should get interesting as a takedown isn't going to happen with HF.
  11. I have a Postfix/Dovecot mail server setup on m WeLoveServers VPS. The setup has 4 rarely used email accounts on it, and is secured against relay and other common mail server abuse exploits. I don't send much email from the accounts, and really just use them for collecting and processing (sieve) all my server admin reports or signing up for the occasional web service (like github). Today I decided to check the logs and noticed that a few entries (about a dozen over a few months) mention being on the SpamHaus blacklist. After following the link provided to SpamHaus, I tracked down an SBL entry for my IP (actuall a n.n.0.0/16 block that included my IP) noting "Spammer hosting (escalation)", and see that it belongs velocity-servers.net What should I do, besides switching providers?
  12. So earlier tonight multiple sources on interesting Greenvaluehost email that went out. The email is offering 100Gbps DDoS protection via Colocrossing's network in Buffalo, New York. Anyone in the CC reseller downstream aware of such a feature on their network or plans for such? Not saying this is the first I've caught of their intent to filter, but all others were tunneled services from filtering companies that were not CC themselves doing any filtering. Posting the sales ad image below so folks see what was said, not as a promotion or endorsement of their filtering or services.
  13. Linda Clark seems to be expanding her uterine grown enterprise. CC launched a new NOC and announced it on their FacePalmBook and Twatter. If you ever wondered who wears the pants and runs the circus another siting of Linda swinging her thing. Right there, it says the Time Warner belongs to her.
  14. (originally posted over on WebhostingTalk) ColoCrossing Achieves Top 5 Rank Places in Top 1% of all Networks Globally FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Buffalo, NY – June 11, 2014 -ColoCrossing.com, a leading provider of scalable internet hosting solutions, and an Inc. 5000 Honoree, announced today their Top 5 Rank achievement. The Top 5 placement distinguishes ColoCrossing from all other ISPs and internet hosting companies, and places them in the top 1%. ColoCrossing has outdone their competition by achieving 5th place on SpamHaus' distinguished list of the World's Worst Spam Support ISPs. Currently, ColoCrossing is responsible for over 1% of all spam sent to inboxes globally on a daily basis. Kevin Hillstrand, a representative of one of ColoCrossing's partner companies said, ”We are proud to help ColoCrossing grow in distinction and reach. Being able to access the mailbox of every email holder on the planet remains important to us, and our customers. Having a partner like ColoCrossing is key with their nearly inexhaustible supply of IP addresses.” To celebrate ColoCrossing will be reducing prices on their line of throwaway burner IP addresses. For as little as 25 cents per IP you can get join the big leagues of ROKSO. ColoCrossing will include on one of it trademark bargain Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 Quad Core dedicated server rentals a free /24 IPv4 Allocation (253 Usable IPs). “We understand people need IPs and they need them now. Sometimes their use can run afoul of industry bullies like SpamHaus, resulting in dreaded IP blacklisting. To assist ColoCrossing has an active 'don't ask and don't tell' exchange policy. We quickly work to get our customers back online with new IPs with our patent pending IP exchange automation. We care about the planet so no IP goes wasted, the discards are sent to recycling and reissued to other unsuspecting customers in the future”, said Bilboh Faboz, marketing director. ColoCrossing will continue to protect customers from internet bullies by further embracing obfuscation services like Tor (to hide the identity of their customers) and BitCoin (to hide the money trail).
  15. I waited a bit here before power posting on this matter. The original Virtovo owner(s) seemed to have right intentions and all. But post sales/handoff/dealing away of their company, meh, maybe not so. WHOIS info changed for Virtovo.com... I don't believe customers were notified... Nowhere have I found some announcement formal or unofficial BREAKING NEWS. What I have found is a moderator elsewhere playing lol games with the acquiring company in rapid tennis fashion. And I've foundt two UK companies circling the carcass seemingly on same thread later. But that's just my opinion.. Ho hum... To the business side of things... client.virtovo.com within the page = Google Analytics. An arbitrary check of that tracking code.... Yields this: http://sameid.net/analytics/40305974/ and virtovo.com is hosted on FTPIt IP space... There you have it.... ftpit.com owns it.... Here's the gotcha MF'ers part though... FTPIT is banned from WHT.... No clue why... I am lazy.. someone go find out... So now they are using Virtovo's account to offer up on WHT.... Do I smell another WHT ban for yet another CC related company? Oh yeah...
  16. Today's LEB offer for cheapwindowsvps.com turned the Net3.co / Chris N / Servermania corruption up a notch. = a prior old thread about Net3.co companies... There are others on here where I tracked them earlier to nesting companies in other folks names, employees, family members, etc. All sorts of shady SHIT. Search here for: Chris Niedojadlo Well we noted prior they were using similar web design, same phone system, etc. Now they have a website that says as much, one in the same, financial interest, corruption, go see for yourself http://net3.co/ "Net3 is an investment firm that specializes in partnering with talented individuals to create successful web brands" Down lower in the page their companies listed are: SSDVPS VPSACE CheapWindowsVPS VPSNODES Chalk this one up to an 'I told you so'. All four previously called out here and all 4 ACTIVELY making Lowendbox offers. Other things to note: cheapwindowsvps.com WHOIS info on IPs is identical to what Servermania does using the DC address as their info. One of CheapWindowsVPS.com's test IPs = whois = http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/POLLA17-ARIN =Phone +1-855-577-3877 (Office) Throw 855-577-3877 into Google: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=855-577-3877 You get: If we go looking at LEB rules, one offer per company every 30 days (this is age old rule over there from original site operator) http://wiki.lowendbox.com/doku.php?id=listing-criteria "We will only list one offer per provider per 30 days." Apparently Kossen, Biloh, etc. cannot count to 30, and will not enforce the rules for their partners and friends. This same shit went on in 2013 and I called them on it originally. These are the 2014 Lowendbox offers for the 4 companies listed on http://net3.co/: CheapWindowsVPS – $5/month 512MB, $7/month 1GB KVM in three US locations, August 28, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v VPSAce – $5/month 1GB KVM or 2GB OpenVZ in multiple locations, July 31, 2014 CheapWindowsVPS – $7/month 1GB SSD KVM VPS, Windows included, in Chicago and Los Angeles, June 16, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v SSD VPS – $5/month 1GB and $7/month 2GB OpenVZ VPS in Buffalo, Los Angeles and Toronto, June 5, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v VPSNodes – $5/month 2GB and $3.75/month 1GB OpenVZ VPS in Dallas, Buffalo, or Los Angeles, May 11, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v VPS Ace – $3.25/month 1GB and $5/month 2GB OpenVZ VPS in the USA and The Netherlands, April 16, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v SSD VPS – $48/year 1GB and $36/6 months 2GB OpenVZ VPS in Buffalo, Los Angeles and Toronto, April 4, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v VPS Ace – $4.75/month 1GB and $3.15/month 512MB KVM in Buffalo, NY, March 6, 2014 ^---- less than 30 days v SSD VPS – $7/month 2GB and $5/month 1GB OpenVZ VPS in Buffalo, Los Angeles and Toronto, February 10, 2014 VPSNodes – $5/month 2GB and $3.75/month 1GB OpenVZ VPS in Dallas, Texas, January 8, 2014 That's 7 fails of their 30 day rule.
  17. (parts redacted to help protect the legitimate brand!) It appears we have another Buffalo shell company that looks dirtier than most. There have been some mentions here and there of crazy annual pricing from name-ripoff m!n!vps.us. Something like $4 annual OpenVZ horror. A cursory whois view of m!n!vps.us: To note: 1. Anthony Colao = ??? unfound big picture. 2. 300 corporate parkway, suite 116n, niagra falls, ny 14226 --> 14226 zipcode is Amherst (outside of Buffalo city) How does someone get city name wrong on domain??? 3. 2houndscom --- > who are they? Dead end? 300 Corporate Parkway in Amherst is a private business park road off of Maple... The address is likely a Regis desk rental / maildrop box setup. Maple is parallel to ... Sheridan, that's ColoCrossing's road. ColoCrossing's office is ~ 6 miles away, while Fabozzi's home office is ~ 5 miles away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So a view of m!n!vps.us website, at the very bottom: Partners TinyCloud ColoMart DollarVPS TinyCloud = same company/owners. The domain has private WhoIs info... but the name server info links it up: DollarVPS = same company/owners - but discloses another name, from the whois info: Tying these loose ends together some more ---> M!n!VPS.us and TinyCloud.net use the very same icon: SO WHAT IS LEFT OVER???? One "partner", colomart.net, which is second in that 3 partner stack. A whois on colomart.net: Colomart.net is suddenly offline (it was online earlier)... What you should know about Colomart.net is 1. There don't appear to be offers out there from them. 2. Their ordering system didn't work earlier (i.e. not functioning to take orders) 3. Their website had been updated very recently to reflect that new Atom server CC is all hot for... 4. Colomart.net was part of the AzzaVPS/AzzaVPS deal with Fabozzi. Google: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=azzavps+fabozzi Screen of the homepage: https://web.archive.org/web/20140517035226/http://colomart.net/# Here's the thing, M!n!VPS.us and that partner list isn't some old lingering artifact of the past. M!n!vps.us was registered RECENTLY: Domain Registration Date: Sat Mar 15 14:44:08 GMT 2014 Smells like we have more CC puppet companies going on.
  18. I avoid making new topics. But while Biloh is at WHT spouting bullshit about cleaning up, spam is getting worse. When migrating and setting up a new server tonight that had spam issues previously, I had SpamHaus and BarracudaCentral enabled and decided to see what got through if it needed further tweaking. First spam to slip through? The new IP collector AS of ColoCrossing, B2 Net Solutions - now featuring almost 250,000 IPs! Guess they had issues getting new IPs on their other ASN ;) Still collecting, I see them in the ARIN lists for getting new prefixes. http://bgp.he.net/AS55286#_prefixes 2014-07-30 17:19:49 1XCe64-000471-Cj <= [email protected] H=26.sonnexes.us (amarned.us) [23.229.57.X]:53518 P=esmtp S=3136 [email protected] T="FHA refinance: it may help you save money" for Guess they're shifting things to the new IP collecting brand & ASN to get off Spamhaus's bad graces under their normal ASN. By the way, if you wonder why they don't mind spammers? Not the spam, per se. They're simply info gathering to justify to ARIN / give customer names. Probably a /29 request for each or more. :popcorn: Hint: They need all the names they can to get more IPs from ARIN, duh. Saving time and asking for the client's authorization to simply block both ASN's outright to solve their spam issue. Nothing of value resides on that network, it's like avoiding a bad area of Detroit... or Chicago IMO. As I was wrapping this post up, take a guess at the second source that slipped through under Spamhaus and Barracuda Networks RBL? ColoCrossing CC-12 (NET-192-227-128-0-1) - New Wave NetConnect, LLC CC-192-227-244-224-27 (NET-192-227-244-224-1) - I hate you guys. I really fucking do. Signed, Everyone Not In a Business Relationship With You
  19. Still on vacation time, so this is just a glancing jab. When ColoCrossing recently stemmed the flow of spam on their network, I said to a number of people that if CC continued to do so, they would be shifting their SPAMMERS to "partners". That is to say, hiding said bad actors on other ASNs, but still on the CC network. Last week we saw an IP range in CC's control and owned by ServerCentral in Chicago get soiled by spam. Now I am pointing to more of this and more uptick notably out of ServerMania / B2 Net Solutions. B2 Net just received another /16 of IP space which is meh, fictional justification at best. 245k+ IPs under B2 Net's control now. + 65k = 310k+ total. For those in the know, B2 Net / Servermania owners are besties with Biloh and have more than a working relationship, ehh partners. Some interesting views of B2 Net: http://bgp.he.net/AS55286#_prefixes http://www.senderbase.org/lookup/org/?search_string=B2%20Net%20Solutions
  20. Was cruising around doing my usual research. Noticed a weird graph for ColoCrossing.. so I went looking at the other big fish in the same tank.. found a couple of the other main players with the same oddness. These are current and from Alexa: ColoCrossing - ServerMania - Quadranet - Pretty strange massive dip for all three of them.. unless they all had a mass outage (sincerely doubt it) or Alexa stopped counting right just for them (other data elsewhere seems fine) or the later, paid SEO, traffic generation went offline. Supposedly, an outfit ran out of Burst.net went offline with recent Burst crapola part two... Yeah I know Alexa isn't the all knowing and entirely what to measure your pound of flesh with... But it is indeed something, often referred to by CC and well, damn strange on this one...
  21. laaev what an interesting word. You plug it into Google and #1 result is: Key word VELOCITY. Velocity.. hmmm how about Velocity Servers, or ahem subsidiary ColoCrossing.... What is this riddle? It's a fun one. Someone changed their username over on Lowendtalk or LET changed it for them, unsure which. This account is one of my favorites since Adam Ng, likes to send bogus DMCA's to providers claiming he owns my avatars... Just happened in past 2 weeks... So he has been on my radar (refer to earlier piece about his attending a highschool prom)... Fun thread to read: http://lowendtalk.com/discussion/24081/greenvaluehost-com-already-giving-me-a-headache/p2 Search for CTRL-F - laaev... "laaev Member March 26 Is @Jack still working for GreenValueHost?" To which others quote: Jack Member March 26 @CVPS_Adam said: Is Jack still working for GreenValueHost?
  22. Since GreenValueHost gets so much coverage and is assumed to have some clients, everyone should beware of the following that went out via email and was forwarded to me by a customer. Dear Valued Client, We are deeply saddened to inform you today of an unfortunate mishap that has occurred today in regards to our ch1 Chicago node that has called for us to put emergency protocol precautions into place. This email will go into depth regarding what has happened and the measures that we are going to be taking to ensure that negative impact to your hosting experience is minimized as much as possible during this issue. The IPv4 migration that is scheduled for June 19, 2014 (tomorrow) is greatly affected by this mishap. We have contacted our upstream provider for our ch1 node to announce a /24 IPv4 block to their ISPs earlier this month and unfortunately to our dismay and disappointment, the /24 block has not yet been announced according to BGP records. The existing IPs currently in use for ch1 are scheduled to be revoked/"unannounced" on June 21, 2014, which explains the urgency of the situation for renumbering. This is as big of a problem/situation as it appears, and as such, the following stipulations have been put in place: If the IPv4 announcement of our /24 block is not resolved TONIGHT, > Clients will be immediately migrated to nodes in the ColoCrossing network tomorrow. IPs WILL change however IPv6 will NOT be available. The majority of clients will be migrated to a SATA server and remaining clients will be migrated to an SSD server. Eventually, clients that have been migrated tomorrow (if this stupulation is to occur) will all be consolidated into ONE SSD cached RAID-10 SATA node on the ColoCrossing network. If the IPv4 announcement of our /24 block is RESOLVED TONIGHT, > The scheduled IPv4 migration will occur as originally scheduled on the same network with the same upstream provider. However, eventually all clients will all be consolidated into ONE SSD cached RAID-10 SATA node on the ColoCrossing network, with IPv4 addresses changing again for a second time. This will take place near the end of June to the start of July. IPv6 will not be available on the ColoCrossing network. We are very truly sorry about the inconveniences caused by this. I can assure you that we strive to satisfy all of our clients and ensure quality service, and that our main priority is making sure that our clients are always in safe hands. We believe that the above circumstantial stipulations are the best possible courses of actions to take for the well being of both our clients and the service that we provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through our helpdesk and we would be more than happy to assist you. Thank you, Jon Nguyen, Operations Director Key words: Clients will be immediately migrated to nodes in the ColoCrossing network tomorrow
  23. Dear Spamhaus, Why can't you group providers right? Spamhaus is a site all the company owners around here are likely familiar with. Lists bad behaving networks with spam activity. Groups of dirty IPs. http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/listings/velocity-servers.net That shows, 18 current entries. http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/listings/chicagovps.net That shows, 9 current entries. The problem is, ChicagoVPS is 100% ColoCrossing through and through. Same IPs, same ownership, even share same fricking offices. ChicagoVPS isn't very quick or caring about their soiled IPs. Oldest entry goes all the way back to September 9, 2013. The most recent active entry is March 30, 2014. Of the 9 entries 5 have the distinction of big yellow boxes and red triangles with exclamation points for being ROKSO gang spammers. I want Spamhaus to combine these entries and shove them under ColoCrossing/Velocity-servers, the owner of the IPs. What does everyone else think?
  24. So, ColoCrossing seems to be diversifying in Buffalo. News the other day that they are getting more rack space from another provider in the same downtown large compound. Seems like a hedge to me as they might have both fear of their current provider and perhaps limited on space in existing relationship. CC is fleeing their suburban mall neighborhood and going in the dark gritty hood of the city. Even supposedly moving their desk-based office to downtown. As such, their just-opened new office building on Sheridan is up for lease on Loopnet: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18524773/8195-SHERIDAN-DRIVE-CLARENCE-NY/ $14/sq ft. per year @ 3500 sq. ft. Then there is this, WTF....