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Found 32 results

  1. I would like to know why the VPN is causing disconnection to my windows vps? I have used the vpn company's software and previously openvpn same results. I cant give you logs because I have to reboot vps when this happens because the vps stalls (freezes) when this issue happens - I can't do anything with the vps until reboot of vps. Note: the VPS works fine if I don't connect VPN Thank you. specs of my windows 2008 server vps Full Administrator Access 1 CPU Core (Intel Xeon) 1 GB Dedicated Memory 40 GB Disk Space 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth 1 GBit/s Internet Port 1 IP (additional 10 IPs) Native IPv6 Configurable RDNS Free DNS Cluster OpenVPN & PPP Ready Anytime Upgrades Variety Of Payments (see) DDoS Protection (480 Gbps)
  2. UK Dedicated servers $59/m

    Atlantic Servers Ltd - UK based Web Hosting provider. We offer not only very competitive prices, but also fast support and a high quality network. We are sure that you will be amazed by our special deals every week! Intel Xeon L5630 Memory: 8 GB Hard Drive(s): 1000 GB Bandwidth: 10 TB 1 Gigabit Network Connection Set-up Fee: $0.00 Monthly Price: $59.00 Order Now! Intel Xeon L5630 Memory: 16 GB Hard Drive(s): 1000 GB Bandwidth: 10 TB 1 Gigabit Network Connection Set-up Fee: $0.00 Monthly Price: $69.00 Order Now!
  3. Windows 2012 R2 VPS on SSD storage www.atlanticservers.com/virtual-servers/windows-vps/ Windows VPS 1 Price $10.99/mCPU - 1 CoresDedicated Ram - 1024MBSwap Ram - 1024MBDiskspace - 40GB SSDBandwidth - 1TBIP Addresses - 1100 mbps PortControl Panel Order Now! Windows VPS 2 Price $17.99 / mCPU - 2 CoresDedicated Ram - 2GBSwap Ram - 2GBDiskspace - 80GB SSDBandwidth - 2TBIP Addresses - 1100 mbps PortControl Panel Order Here More Windows VPS plan - Linux VPS plan
  4. Microsoft Windows does not natively support IPIP (or GRE) Tunnels. This makes Windows Servers more difficult to DDoS protect as Reverse Proxy / Transparent Proxy becomes the only method easily available. We at X4B are pleased to announce that this is no longer a limitation. A IPIP (IP-in-IP) userland client is now available bringing support for IPIP as a point-to-point tunnelling protocol. Finally, stateless full packet encapsulation is available on the Platform :) Download: https://www.x4b.net/files/wintunnelcli-1.exe Licence: All rights reserved. Free for for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact us possibly for a free licence. Please respect the months of development spent on this project and respect our reserved right to distribute this software. A more permissive (and possibly open source) licence is coming at a later date. Usage: wintunnelcli [LocalAddress] [RemoteAddress] [EncapsulatedLocal] [EncapsulatedRemote] [NetworkCIDR] [InnerMTU] LocalAddress = Address where IPIP packets is to be received RemoteAddress = Address where IPIP packets are to be addressed EncapsulatedLocal = Address where encapsulated IP traffic is received (on LocalAddress) EncapsulatedRemote = Encapsulated Gateway (on RemoteAddress) NetworkCIDR = The CIDR Range of the Encapsulated Network (Currently only 30 supported) InnerMTU = Tunnel MTU More information including requirements and limitations can be found at https://www.x4b.net/kb/WindowsIPIPTunnel Please note: X4B Customers do not use this application, a customized tunnel installer is available from your dashboard including all settings required to create your tunnel.
  5. Hi, a friend of mine is searching for a Windows VPS in EU or on the west coast. Not much needed for a testing machine. He might be able to bring his own license (MSDN). I did not ever searched / followed for windows offers so I kindly ask for recomendations.
  6. Ubuntu on Windows 10 -- The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers
  7. Powerful Box are a small computer and hosting business in Winchester, Hampshire and we are at VPS Board today to offer our SSD VPS Hosting located in North West Europe, which includes FREE weekly backups, FREE Anti-DDoS Protection and built on KVM technology. You can also be in complete control your VPS from our Client Area giving you the ability to rebuild, reinstall, reboot your VPS at any time, as well as configure network settings, rDNS and access console with noVNC. Tiny Box 1x2.6Ghz, 512MB RAM, 15GB SSD disk space, 3000GB Traffic 1Gbps port 50Mbps guaranteed, 1 IPv4 address (up to 4 available), 24x7 UK based Support. £3.99 a month Order now! Little Box 1x2.6Ghz, 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD disk space, 5000GB Traffic 1Gbps port 100Mbps guaranteed, 1 IPv4 address (up to 4 available), 24x7 UK based Support. £7.99 a month Order now! Big Box 2x2.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD disk space, Unmetered Traffic 1Gbps port 100Mbps guaranteed, 1 IPv4 address (up to 8 available), 24x7 UK based Support. £12.99 a month Order now! Powerful Box 4x2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM, 125GB SSD disk space, Unmetered Traffic 1Gbps port 150Mbps guaranteed, 1 IPv4 address (up to 16 available), 24x7 UK based Support. £23.99 a month Order now! FEATURES * FREE weekly backups included, restore anytime from client area. * Reboot, Reinstall or configure network device from our client area. * FREE Anti-DDoS Protection included & IPv6 Ready! * Over 8 differet Linux & Windows distributions to deploy. * Fast & Reliable SSD RAID Storage, on powerful EU nodes. * Guaranteed Hardwre Resources. * Instant Activation. * Located in North West Europe. * UK Support.
  8. Howdy folks, I've recently been having problems with my Ubuntu VPS on my Windows server. I have access to both the Host node and the guest node (since this is a multi-use server and I wanted to use both Windows and Linux services), and I guess I thought I set it up properly but it seems there's a networking problem on the server. There's periods when the Ubuntu VM has major packet loss while the actual host server is mostly fine. Sometimes when I'm rsyncing large files (12 GB worth of files), the network gets dropped on the entire Ubuntu VM and I get the error "ping: sendmsg: No buffer space available". This was reproducible whenever I'd rsync out larger files. Basic research shows this is usually due to an incompatibility of the on-board NIC on the Server (of course this is assuming Ubuntu was installed on the base hardware, not within a VM). I'm assuming this is a problem with my bridge setup. Anyways, this is a Hyper-V Generation 1 VM. The bridge is basically all default variables requested when setting it up through the Wizard available on the Windows Server 2012 R2 (Datacenter Edition). Upon further Google Searching, I've found that we have to increase the memory allocation for the packets, and was suggested I add the following lines into sysctl: net.core.rmem_max=16777216 net.core.wmem_max=16777216 net.ipv4.tcp_rmem=4096 87380 16777216 net.ipv4.tcp_wmem=4096 65536 16777216 In addition, the following command was executed: echo 83886080 > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max Anyways, even with these changes I'm still having some problems. Anyone know of a good way to start troubleshooting this issue? Thanks!
  9. I mainly use Android devices so had setup my own local Brisbane & Sydney and US based CentOS OpenVPN VPN VPS servers to connect to. However, I'm wanting to extend VPN coverage to Windows 8.1 phone devices too and they prefer L2TP. So I've setup a CentOS 7 server (running Centmin Mod of course) with L2TP Ipsec and it works okay with Android 4.2 and 5.x devices via native VPN features. But there's no auto reconnect features with native Android VPN as opposed to the OpenVPN client I was using. So my question to folks here using L2TP IPSec for Android and Windows 8.1 phone, what VPN clients are you using which support auto reconnect and saving multiple VPN server profiles ? cheers George
  10. Article: Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today Windows 10 ISO: Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File)
  11. I keep bumping into need for Windows. Business software annoyance. WINE while it is fine for some stuff, isn't sufficient for everything. Die hard Linux folks around here have any current similar scenario in their world or those around them? Someone have a solution / preferred current solutions for running Windows desktop in Linux virtualized world? Specifically on the desktop. Rather run this locally inhouse. Was contemplating a KVM install via Proxmox and with Windows real install within that... Just need GUI to work reasonably well in Windows and single monitor, nothing fancy, no sound. Alternative at this point is picking up a cheap beater laptop with Windows pre-installed/included.
  12. Source: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/MS15-067
  13. Hey guys! Let's start at the beginning. I am an 23 years old System Administrator entrant, I am done with my schools recently. So I want to start my online business by selling VPS but I have so many questions about it. I have a few unused computers and I am wondering if I can make some bucks with them. The main stats are: 2 core, 2 gb ram, 200 gb hdd 8 core, 4 gb ram, 1000 gb hdd link: 150/15 mbps Is there a way to make the servers fully automated with free solutions? I dont have hundreds of dollars for licenses. I've been googling around and found that it is WHMCS that I need but could not find a minimalist and free wordpress(or not wordpress) template for my site. I am also intrested Linux and Windows solutions. I know there isn't a tutorial like "how to be a vps provider" but I hope you guys can give me some advice. Thanks Regards, Zsolt!
  14. Hi, I am looking for a server that has 4 cores 4GB ram 50+GB HDD 100+Mbps with good throughput that is located in north america east coast preferably. I can bring my own windows server license the hdd does not have to be an SSD but should have decent I/O same as IP transit I probably wont be doing more than 50GB/month but will want a cap of 500GB. should be able to do >60Mbps. now here's the kicker I need it to be <$10/m USD. I've seen some one black friday but didn't sign up. recap: 4 cores. 4GB ram dedicated. 50+GB HDD doesn't have to be ssd but good I/O 100Mbps or 1Gbps no slower than >60Mbps actual throughput 500GB transfer cap. <$10/month will be used as personal dev server won't be abused.
  15. Fresh off the paranoid presses, TrueCrypt has security issues and looks now to be dead and unsupported. source: http://truecrypt.sourceforge.net/ The issue revolves around Microsoft dumping support for old version and BitLocker becoming Microsoft's crypto stuff. Oddly, even the Linux download area bears scarey language: (URL: http://truecrypt.sourceforge.net/OtherPlatforms.html) Downloads: WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure
  16. Sysdig

    I found this pretty nifty Linux/Windows/OSX Application the other night and thought I'd share it here with all of you. No I didn't make this, I just found it by browsing /r/sysadmins. sysdig "A New System Troubleshooting Tool Built for the Way You Work" http://www.sysdig.org/ Supports RHEL Based Distros, RHEL from 6, CentOS from 6, Amazon Linux, Fedora from 13, Oracle Linux from 6. Supports Debian based distros, Debian from 6, Ubuntu from 10.04 and Linux Mint from 9. Latest versions of Debian and Ubuntu include sysdig, though they recommend installing it yourself to get the latest and greatest. http://www.sysdig.org/install/
  17. Hi, I am looking for a G-Mod server of mine to run on a VPS. Currently I am using VPS Dime and which they're very unreliable. I have a 6gb RAM, 10gb/sec Internet, and 4v Cores. I don't find their vps's to be incredibly fast and I am looking for a VPS that will run my garry's mod server very well. I will spend no more than 7$/month. I am looking for something that will run 32 players well. Also, I need this to be a good quality VPS that is reliable. My current one runs 150 Ping which is bad. I need something that will provide better ping and less lag and more reliability for my server. Please respond. Thanks, Ron
  18. I'm looking for a temporary position, but I'm also open to a permanent one. Just to lay things out on the table. I'm currently working for Steven at Dedicube and BoltVM. It's an on-call position, mostly Fridays from noon to Saturday evening. I have a lot of lot of free time, so it wouldn't hurt to get some extra experience in different environments under my belt. Availability: - Weekdays and Nights - GMT -6 (Louisiana) Skills - OpenVZ - Basic Knowledge of IPMI Systems - Linux, CentOS and Debian based systems - Basic Knowledge of C#, C++, PHP & MySQL - Basic networking(router, firewall, VPN) - cPanel & WHMCS Experience For the past 6 months I've been at DediCube, before that I was with Cloud Shards. For more details on my past experience, I can send my resume to any interested parties. Notes I'm open to day, night, and rotating shifts. Feel free to contact me either via this thread or via private message.
  19. I am currently with PremiumReseller, their service is very stable but lately their plans are not I inquired why I cannot change the quota of one email account and I was informed that I need to pay $2/mo/mailbox to enable it to go to 500MB from the default 250MB (kb article http://support.premiumreseller.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/105/0/smartermail-quota-limit) For $2/mo, one can get a 25GB Rackspace Email Account. My customers are now complaining because I cannot upgrade their accounts from MB default limit Please advise a stable provider who provides WindowsReseller with no non-sense as mentioned above Thanks
  20. Windows License?

    I have a VirtualBox VM where I want to install a licensed Windows (7/8.1/2008 R2/Whatever). Are there monthly leased licenses available for Windows? I am an end user, not a corporate company so I cannot get into the Gold partner plan etc. Any ideas?
  21. I have the following question. How would i best create an automatic backup system to backup a IIS enviroment + MSSQL Express to another server. The other server as you might have guessed from the title is runnning linux and is in another location. I ask this because i am new to windows server but would like to have backups. Anyone have a good solution for this that is preferably free to implement? If you want more details feel free to ask.
  22. Basic Windows 2008 R2 Needs

    Everyone likes to have a windows VPS and most will go to Windows 2008 R2 due to its stability and performance with game servers. Most tickets created are because people need these packs. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 Microsoft .NET 4.5: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 Java((This one actually will set the path for you)): ((32 Bit)): http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=94212 ((64 Bit)): http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=94214 This should fix most issues people have just link it to them and tell them to put it on the server.
  23. Hey all! So we are all familiar with Linux and Linux System Administrator work. That's all fancy and dandy, but in a more corporate environment most user hardwares (and often more critical systems) are Windows based. How's Windows System Admining? What experiences do you have to share for that? Anyone have some good links or resources for it? What do you use for monitoring Windows Servers? Good powershell scripts? How can you run Windows on a potato? But a semi more serious topic, what are your experiences with Windows Domains? /r/talesfromtechsupport and /u/airz23 may or may not have impacted this post.
  24. A major security flaw in Internet Explorer allows hackers to have access to your computer, personal information, execute commands and much more. On 26th April, Microsoft issued a security advisory warning that security flaw could allow a hacker to hijack your computer. Read the full post at http://taglik.co.nl/internet-explorer-security-flaw-allows-hackers-hijack-pc/
  25. Storage KVM/XEN

    Hello, i am searching for a KVM or Xen VPS with at least 512MB Ram, 80GB Disk space and 2TB Bandwidth. My budget is $45/yr. Is this possible, and if so where can i get one?