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    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    Seems like NOC-PS is the recommended option... I'll take a gander.
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    Robot probe Philae lands on comet

    Even though it is not related to servers it seems like something people here may enjoy. I can't fathom the planning involved, mission was conceived in the 80's and approved int he early 90's, built by 2000, launched in 2004 and landed on a comet traveling as fast as 24,000 miles per hour this...
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    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    How do some companies automatically deploy new dedicated servers for their customers when others make take 3-10+ days to deliver one manually? Assuming the servers are in stock and racked already (not custom) what solutions are available that will power them up and build the OS for the customer?
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    ...and it's back

    Honeypot. Likely moreso now than before.
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    Introduction thread

    Im 45ACP and a lurker. Probably wont post much unless I cant find answers to something on google!