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    VirtNetwork - Awesome KVM Plans!

    Kia Ora! A very warm greeting and thank you very much for reading our ad :) VirtNetwork Solutions is delighted to offer some exclusive plans for the VPSBoard Community. Our focus here at VirtNetwork is all about quality service and stellar customer support at affordable prices. All services are...
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    GreenValueHost review

    You do realize the last post was like a month ago :P  But yes, these types of threads require peanuts/popcorn.
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    Coffee. What are you drinking and what would you recommend?

    What's Starbucks like in the USA?
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    I'm Comic Sans, Asshole.

    Some of my friends hate Comic Sands so much that they've deleted it from their OS lol.
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    Coffee. What are you drinking and what would you recommend?

    I have a Nespresso UMilk which I find to be excellent :)  The coffee is awesome, and there are a range of capsules to choose from.  Capsules here are like $4 for a box of 10 when on special.
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    Places to travel?

    I realize it's North America and Europe, but this is for everyone who is reading this post. Come to New Zealand :) There are so many things to do, such as going speed boat racing, we've got awesome forests to do paintball/airsoft, white water rafting, visiting the Skytower.  And apparently NZ...
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    Favourite TV shows?

    I believe McG asked Max to run his blood against Wo-Fats and apparently they weren't brothers.  However I think mabye Doris (McG's mom was having an affair with Wo-Fat?)
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    Favourite TV shows?

    Looking forward to Season 5?  Why do you think McG's mom visited Wo-Fat?
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    Favourite TV shows?

    I haven't watched G.O.T before, however I've heard many people talk about it.  Is it good?
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    Favourite TV shows?

    This is so true, I think you can call this a TV show?
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    Favourite TV shows?

    I love the Crime/Action genre. 
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    Favourite TV shows?

    I forgot to add blue bloods :O  I love that show :) 
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    The gun thread

    Gun laws here in NZ are extremely strict, I know some Airsoft guns are frowned upon as well. Automatic guns are banned here, and you can check out the approved firearms here: which can only be used for sporting purposes. I quite like...
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    Favourite TV shows?

    Hi Everyone :) I thought I might just post this to ask what your favourite TV show(s) might be?  My favourites are a whole lot of crime scene shows: Hawaii Five-0 CSI CSI:NY (Cancelled :( ) CSI:Miami NCIS/NCIS:LA The Blacklist Criminal Minds Edit: Blue Bloods I also watch Target/Fair...
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    Have you guys viewed the Tardis on Google Maps? ;)