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    Staminus sites offline - massively hacked

    Well, apparently also @ramnode data is compromised , not sure. Leak *MUST HAVE* / / Ku Klux Klan | Spigot | RamNode ++ FRESH
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    Are you able to replicate this forum error?

    @MannDude We got a winner! Browser: Firefox vanilla - Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:41.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/41.0 OS: Debian Wheezy.
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    Are you able to replicate this forum error? TEST3 (firefox) TEST4 (firefox-blank-space)
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    Are you able to replicate this forum error? TEST1 (chrome) (chrome-no-blank-space)
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    vpsboard software getting even more annoying

    @HalfEatenPie Your friend can use the @ [at]+[username] with super cow powers to do that.
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    DigitalOcean Migration

    Yep. Actually it took like about 5min to complete the upgrade.
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    Crunchbang Linux is Back!

    There is much dramalama about this in the #! community. According to their forum they are just a couple of guys trying to capitalize from the #! name and legacy. I already download it and test it, is crude and not fully working; the main concern for the #! community is about security, clean...
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    Favorite current Linux Desktop OS

    @DomainBob I hate you so much for bringing me the sad news. :P Laptop and desktops: CrunchBang Waldorf. Main desktop: Antergos (I know! Arch beautifully packaged)
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    Windows Desktop Partition Question

    Not always, sometimes you need to reinstall some drivers and sometimes don't.
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    Windows Desktop Partition Question

    Because Windows 7/8 are tied up to the bios or motherboard specific vendor. Even if you swap motherboards from the same vendor it is a driver nightmare, usually Windows will partially boot or not boot at all. @HalfEatenPie good luck trying to boot that windows. As MartinD says, I always ended...
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    The knife thread.

    Me too. My collection is quite modest. I never carry a gun or knife with me, except in the forest. :)
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    vpsBoard birthday contest. Vote for the winner.

    @peterw @Nikki @wlanboy
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    I miss you guys

    We miss you too :P
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    Need Help? "I'm Here"

    You should blame Negroponte for this. Yeah, sure.
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    Web based IPv4/IPv6 address management

    Thank you for the finding.