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    So who's running Deb 9?

    Just upgraded a freshly installed Wheezy to Stretch and things went smooth. Playing with it for a while to see if things are fine before starting to migrate existing Wheezy boxes. Still have a Lenny in production, which does its job, but an upgrade long overdue. On desktop, its much pain than a...
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    What's your email setup like?

    I used to run my own mail server without much issues for more than an year and came to know that there are many people who wanted to do the same, but don't have enough time/knowledge to troubleshoot all the things. So, we moved to a community setup where we runs basic online services, so that we...
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    Running your own mail server

    @River Virtualmin is my choice for managing mail servers. Not a user focused panel, but good enough for administrators. Handles the mess of multiple domains and quotas pretty well and some other neat features too. Disable all the unwanted services and modules and it still works fine. The default...
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    Any cheaper domain reseller account than ENOM? and are the cheaper ones I have seen. provides .com @ $8.61. Using ResellerClub mostly as they accept Indian Rupee. Both of them use the OrderBox platform and has WHMCS integration.
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    Staminus having an outage.

    Saw a notification from RamNode (I don't remember where), mentioning all their DDoS protected IP traffic is routed over normal routes temporarily.
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    FCC filing confirms Raspberry Pi 3 with Wifi and Bluetooth

    A SATA, USB 3 or Gigabit port would have been better addition. Could always add wifi with a USB dongle. Right now connecting a HDD to my Pi using USB to SATA converter and it seems slow on read.
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    Mandrill Removing Free Tier - MailChimp

    Glad that I opted MailGun for a recent application. Migrations are always a pain and their new plans seems not affordable for those sending just few mails a month.
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    Team Task Tracking

    Sorry, I get confused between you too. Maybe becasue of your time together at Catalyst.
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    Team Task Tracking

    Wekan looks great (So do most of those @jarland listed out). Presently using gitlab issue tracker, but that makes sense mostly for developers. With such a great list, its hard to decide which one is best suited. Anyway planning to start using one from the new year. Have used Openproject (More...
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    phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?

    I am a phpMyAdmin user for a long time. Actually I started playing with databases using it. Started using adminer on servers where phpMyAdmin was not installed almost an year ago and I am happy with it. For development environment, I have both, as phpMyAdmin can be handy in editing single...
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    I am late to the party. My first provider was IntoVPS and they are still going strong, but not much visibility in the Low-End market. Their support has always been great. They have a easy to use custom panel too. Started of with the 512MB OVZ plan and then my resource needs increased. In search...
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    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    Rarely, when I am in need of one. I have my personal OpenVPN server running all the time. The ISP's I use are not much reliable and ports gets blocked randomly from time to time. Hence the VPN.
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    Ideas and suggestions for vpsBoard

    Haven't read the 22 pages. So not sure if someone suggested this. Why not auto close threads which don't have responses for more than a month or two? If its something significant, let people start new threads and refer to the old one with a link. I personally waste lot of time reading new...
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    Roundcube Next

    The web hosting industry doesn't need an introduction on Roundcube. Being the most popular open source webmail application, its bundled with almost all shared hosting control panels and many mail provides use its customized versions.   During its initial development time, Roundcube was intended...
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    ResellerClub/OrderBox DNS down for around 6 hours

    Have been using ResellerClub mostly for the domains and their DNS has been down for around 6 hours now. 16 IP's and none of them responds. Their update: Does anyone else here rely on OrderBox DNS only. Most of my customers do...