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    WHMCS to double their price of owned licenses.

    google translate isn't perfect, might be better than nothing though
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    Blocking Fraud Orders - Best Solution

    maxmind is a good start. not a total solution, but one that many use
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    Nodewatch Settings

    I don't suppose it's open source? or available for a price?
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    WHMCS 6.01 is released

    given that 6.0 is not yet accepted as production ready, it seems a bit unreasonable to EOL 5.3 in just a few months time. lets assume it will take another 2 months before it is generally accepted as being production ready, that's only a month to test and deploy your production WHMCS before...
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    WHMCS 6.01 is released

    probably right, unless there's an urgent security issue found soon
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    WHMCS 6.01 is released

    will WHMCS be supporting v5.3 with security fixes? or will 6.x become necessary when there's a problem?
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    WHMCS 6.01 is released

      We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 6.0.1.   Bug fixes I guess   release notes   also, 6.1 is "on its way"  
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    E3, E5, Dual 5420, Dual 5520 - Free Setup - Anti DDoS ** 44% Off Blow Out Sale! **

    I agree entirely, but I was thinking more about the London DC I use, which is infact in Enfield (18km away from Central London)
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    The 2016 (USA) Presidential Election Thread

    reviving the old Lewinksy gags ... will Bill splash out on a new dress for Hilary in the election campaign ? how can either party, or the country as a whole, be taken seriously when the lack of gun laws results in kids being killed. being on-topic, no presidential candidate will promote...
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    E3, E5, Dual 5420, Dual 5520 - Free Setup - Anti DDoS ** 44% Off Blow Out Sale! **

    to someone in another country/continent, 37km away seems close enough to be described as such. happens quite often with "London" DCs, which aren't actually in London at all. London city != London vicinity, or typically described as Greater London Area (GLA). I guess you can also say something...
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    E3, E5, Dual 5420, Dual 5520 - Free Setup - Anti DDoS ** 44% Off Blow Out Sale! **

    your offer mentions London UK, but on the website there's no servers listed for UK. Also there's no info about the datacentre in UK. do you have a DC in UK ? are you offering servers in UK ? if not, you should remove from your offer
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    plenty of fans out there. I asked the same question, and was told clearly that it's worth the money. not yet trialled it myself though
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    IP Systems Ltd AS62741 Acquires A Lot Of IPs...

    how easy is it to hijack IPs ? if they're not being announced, anyone else can ? like this /22  AS60148 is there a published list of "hijackable" IP blocks ? not that I want any. just interested in what's going on with unused blocks. would be good if ICANN revoked allocations when they're not...
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    How to direct visitors from certain countries to a different landing page?

    geoIP tools have code to help you