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    best web hosts with 24/7 customer support?

    you could ask 1,000 people and the answers will be different. While you could have great experience with one host someone else could have had a bad one. Best thing to do is build a list of things you want and then research host based off that. Then look at the reviews and pick one. One thing I...
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    Wordpress hosting?

    If you are looking for just wordpress hosting then you could look at something like wpengine that is all they do. Most other providers will just have the wordpress install on a regular shared hosting server.
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    Killer Deal on Dual E5-2620v4 Annual Promo

    CenTex Hosting Dedicated Servers In Dallas At CenTex Hosting we work hard to take care of our customer's needs. Our goal is to provide a stress-free Dedicated Server Hosting; 24/7 Support Texas Based company Enterprise Equipment We own our Servers Don't let this deal pass you buy. Dual...
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    Ohio Or Out of State With Remote Hands Included Colocation

    We can help you with a 1 U Colocation in Dallas if you are still looking.
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    Dedicated remote server vs local home lab

    @rmcdougal01 If you are paying 130 a month for COLO you might want to look for a new provider. A few things to look at when you have servers at your house. If what you are running doesn't have to stay online and mission critical then its fine. Your power bill will go up. Depending on what you...
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    Need Help, buds. Need Windows VPS host

    Guess really the question would be do you need managed or unmanaged Hosting. With VPS you have the option of going with KVM which will cost a little more or you can go with OpenVZ which will help out on budget needs. On the two host you posted I have not clue who they are so I can't say...
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    Virtuozzo 7

    We had looked at it at one time. Was going to set up a test with it but had a ton of issues just getting it set up. Support was not much help from them. Doc's to set up were all wrong. This was about a year ago that we looked at it.
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    billing portals

    Yes there are a ton of other options out there that are way cheaper. But you have to look at how often are they updated, mods that you can get for them, easy of use and set up. All these should be factored in and not just price alone.
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    Hosting Marketing Strategies

    Really we just focus on our local Clients. Go to networking events, Chamber events, Take care of those customers and word of mouth gets out and you will soon have others signing up. Not the fastest way to grow your business but then again doesn't really cost you anything. With this you now...
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    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    They sent out several notices way before they did the price change. The way I look at it is its just another license fee like cpanel and so on. Now with changing the pricing means we get more updates and new things added then I have no issue with it. If you look at the biggest change is the...
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    How do you upload your files to your webserver?

    if i have a windows pc around I use winscp. If I am on a mac then i use filezilla
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    Wordpress hosting from hostround ...

    really if you are looking for a wordpress host IMO WP Engine has that one locked down. I am not sure you will find another web host that is 100% dedicated to wordpress hosting.
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    Email server, where is the bottleneck?

    How many Emails are you talking about sending? If you are just sending normal use then no worries about bottleneck. Now if you are trying to send millions of emails at a time. There there are a few things to look at. first would be the host and do they allow mass mailing, 2 what is the mail rate...
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    Plesk Sold to Oakley Capital for $105M

    I think Plesk made out with the better end of that deal. I can't even recall when the last time a customer asked for that to be loaded.
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    Best SSD

    I like the Samsung drives myself. Have not had an issue with one yet. Knock on Wood.