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    GreenValueHost Launches a New Scheme to Scam People

    @Licensecart @MannDude Thank you very much for pointing the mistake out & I have fixed the link now.
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    GreenValueHost Launches a New Scheme to Scam People Is there any limit to this guy's shamelessness?
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    LowEndTalk owners & admins promote racism

    Post something against ColoCrossing, one of their shell brands or the admins & you will get to know in just a few minutes whether the admins are ignorant or not. You will either get banned or the discussion will be set to sink. It has nothing to do with vpsBoard but since this is also an...
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    LowEndTalk owners & admins promote racism

    This is not the first time I have seen this but I have flagged several racist comments in the past as well. Those comments are not only highly controversial but depict hatred against different races, nationalities & religions. Usually the LET administration takes no action but when too many...
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    Reliable Domain Registrar

    Please suggest a domain registrar which is reliable & secure with easy to use portal for management of domains? It does not matter whether it is cheap or expensive but must have decent support & focus on security. I am asking this question here because there are quite a few much more...
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    Moniker's claim, fact or just a marketing trick? On the page above they claim "Moniker is serious about security. In fact, in our history, we’ve never “lost” a domain. Not one." Personally I think that is a huge claim because people have been victim of domain thefts with almost most of the big...
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    Usernames used by people here

    So @HalfEatenPie you think it is a bad idea for providers to have company names as usernames?
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    Usernames used by people here

    Hey!         I was just wondering why owners or representatives of different hosting companies use their real names instead of their company names on hosting forums? For example @MartinD from could use minivps or minvpsuk as his username, @Francisco could use buyvm & @Nick_A could...
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    Any experience with virtualizor?

    I thought qcow2 supports snapshots in genera.l
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    OpenSSL to announce new "high" severity vulnerabilities on Thursday (2015-03-19)

    Has to be year of vulnerabilities & exploits & it is just march with 9 more months ahead.
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    KVM on OVH/SYS using recommended configuration with Virtualizor & SolusVM

    Thanks for your valuable help with correct network configuration with vps on my ovh dedicated server. I request admins to include it in library to save others from the headache which I had to go through in order to find a nice tutorial for ovh network configuration. I contacted ovh support...
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    Effective measures to prevent domain hijacking?

    Can you please name of a few enterprise class registrars?
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    Effective measures to prevent domain hijacking?

    Usually those 2 factor authentications are done by sms messages. What would someone do if he loses his cell phone?  :D
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    Effective measures to prevent domain hijacking?

    Recently one of the guys that I know lost his domain by becoming a victim of domain hijacking. They hacked his gmail  account & got access to his domain registrar control panel & transferred it from there while he was on a vacation. What effective measures can be taken by a domain owner to...