Moniker's claim, fact or just a marketing trick?


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On the page above they claim "Moniker is serious about security. In fact, in our history, we’ve never “lost” a domain. Not one."

Personally I think that is a huge claim because people have been victim of domain thefts with almost most of the big names in domain registration out there so is it really true that it never happened to anyone with them or is it just a marketing trick?
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That could simply mean that no one has successfully transferred a domain after hacking or social engineering the account. Any "claims" made by a company are usually made by their marketing team, and therefore can be inferred as half or stretched truths.

E.g. "Get your free trial for only $1.99 plus s/h. 100% money back guarantee." = We will refund you if you can get through to our customer service. Too bad we don't have any.