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    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    I have 2 of the $15 specials too (one for me, one for my brother under his name). I will be cancelling too, mostly due to performance issues in general. The first VPS I was on was garbage, but they moved me and it's been 'ok' since there... for $15/year it was ok. I mainly used it for SSH...
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    I'll add in my experience FWIW. Me and my brother each bought a $15/year 512MB slot. His slot hasn't had a lick of problem. Never required a ticket. My slot was good, but went downhill fast. It would take upwards of 5-10 minutes to do a simple apt-get update using a fresh Debian 7 mininal x86...
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    Ideas and suggestions for vpsBoard

    Anyway to stop this or go back to recent topics instead of comments? This isn't very useful IMHO. This has become common place with recent comments typically having 3 or more of the same thing listed. Granted I'm mostly a lurker, but seeing new topics is more...
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    Catalysthost OpenVZ 128MB (TX)

    I had a 96MB special with these guys, and it was a blast. I moved on because I needed more RAM and something closer to home. The year I was with them the only major disruption was when they swapped IPs out. I believe they bought their own. Plenty of heads up time was given. I can't provide...
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    Post your home network.

    Somewhat crappy Actiontec VZW FiOS all-in-one with Wi-Fi disabled. Zyxel 16port unmanaged switch, Netgear R7000 running 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi for part of the house. Various metal casing Trendnet 5 & 8 port unmanaged switches at the media center setup and PC man-cave. ASUS RT-N16 handling Wi-Fi on...
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    The Pirate Bay Raided By Police, Site Down

    It's still down and never came back up. The .cr domain is nothing more than a reverse proxy to get around court ordered ISP blockades. This is evident by the fact that actually trying to do anything besides loading the main page results in errors.
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    Linux install continually fails. Any ideas?

    Does the drive try to do any kind of raid? I had a laptop do this exact same thing when I had the 16GB "cache" SSD striped with the 1TB HDD in a sort of 'fusion drive' setup. I had to break the drives up (linux saw a 16GB and a 1TB drive) for me to be able to have a drive show up during install...
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    Which nameservers do You use?

    I use DNScrypt with a resolver from here.
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    What do you use your VPS for?

    I use my OVH dedicated for file storage, ircd, and a small minecraft server. Often used to test random things I find on github too. My VPS I use for ssh tunneling while at work, mumble server and messing with dnscrypt stuff, and i'll download interesting things to it while at work since it's...
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    How FinFisher was hacked (discussion)

    This is what I was going for. I didn't write the article, I don't hack or condone hacking. Should I add that to the OP? Yes the article is blackhat, I see that. I don't think MY post here to VPSBoard condones hacking. The blackhat text, yes, mine no. I usually lurk, and see alot of variety of...
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    How FinFisher was hacked (discussion)

    How is this encouraging illicit activity? edit: I suppose the article itself would be encouraging it. I guess I was expecting some mature conversation such as that found @ HN ( ) or the reddit discussion.
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    How FinFisher was hacked (discussion)

    [YCombinator News] [Reddit Discussion] Pretty neat little write up, A nice reminder about SQL Injection and general netsec. edit: Also mentions about buying a VPS with Bitcoin to use to do the dirty deeds from. Anyone ever catch anyone doing this? edit 2: I don't condone hacking. I didn't...
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    Windows 9?

    Since no one actually replied to OP that I saw in my brief skim... I will. This is from the POV as a desktop user who does CAD work on large monitors. I think Windows 9 will be accepted. I think the new hybrid start menu that i've seen floating around will bring in desktop users while still...
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    foobar2000 Mobile Kickstarter

    That's a heavily skinned foobar2000 in that picture. Can't answer the other questions, even though I use foobar2000 on my desktop. If there was a similar, but open source program, i'd rather use that.There is Clementine but that's way overkill for my use and alot heavier than foobar2000.
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    Chromebook, yes or no?

    Make sure you look into ARM vs x86. The ARM one (first gen Samsung) ran much slower and ran hotter than the new Haswell Celeron one I have now. Sometimes when I was streaming it would overheat and shut itself off. I ended up selling it to a friend who uses it just as a portable Google Docs...