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    $5000 Hostbill

    Anybody else notice their SSL certificate? Do we have to pay to submit a ticket to ask them to stop taking up my screen's real estate as well?
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    Centarra - Premium Dallas Colo from $50 a Month [Native DDoS Protection] [A+B Power]

    What is ChrisK's affiliation with Centarra? I found out that he ran Avante Hosting and he is affiliated with Centarra.
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    Facebook pays $33,500 for RCE

    Their security team are very generous. For example, I was paid $2K for reporting a way to execute disclosure of supposedly 'deleted' items.
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    1:20 - Thought the guy's eyeballs were going to pop out.
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    Bitcoin reaches 1k for the first time

    I regret not having purchased BTC when they were at $3. Am I the only one feeling this?
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    So, I guess we run a charity now.

    "I met you five minutes ago and my friend said you're really good, but right now, since I'm a kid who doesn't have money and wants to get a free server but you won't give me one, my so-called friend said you're really bad." #logic
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    WHMCS Security Advisory

    In my opinion WHMCS should be contacting CloudFlare as well with vulnerability details so CloudFlare can develop their Web Application Firewall. Such a partnership could be great, since CloudFlare could block the vulnerabilities in the first hour before they're even patched.
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    [123Systems Announcement] Server Upgrade

    Tierpoint isn't CC. Far from it, actually. I've rented from TMS in the past; top notch.
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    Home internet speeds

    Up to 80Mbit download as advertised, but 40Mbit right now due to approximate peak time. 17Mbit upload as well. BT.
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    Running KVM inside of KVM

    I chuckled at the thought of having a 'LowEndWiki' site... obviously not hosted by CC. *Cough*. 
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    Why the hate on Russia

    Russia tends to be a hub of illegal content. Also, I'm sure Russia's law ethics have caused Putin to deserved the Nobel Peace Prize /sarcasm.
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    Providers - Let's talk about panels.

    I love it when providers heavily integrate their system with WHMCS or their billing panel; having everything in one place is convenient. Check out Backomatic for an example:
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    Best way to backup whole OVZ vps?

    ^this. Migrations usually work flawlessly, though. Otherwise, better safe than sorry.
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    Running KVM inside of KVM

    What about KVM inside of KVM inside of KVM? KVMception.
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    DDoS on RamNode NL ips

    I can imagine an overweight fourty year old not caring about his personal hygeine and stuffing his face with Doritos while smiling at the fact he managed to find out how to execute a DNS amplification attack against an IP range in sequential order. Special place in hell indeed.