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  1. D. Strout offer 8GB Ram @ $48 /year & 2GB Ram @ $7 /mo (Phoenix, Newyork, Kansas)

    The post title says Kansas, but the post itself does not. Are your services available in Kansas? And if so, how do I select that location when ordering?
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    Virtwire aka NanoVZ is closing business

    I hadn't heard that, which is weird seeing how I have three active services with them. Doesn't surprise me, though, I was in their client area just yesterday and noticed they don't have any plans listed for ordering. Also doesn't surprise me because they did plans like 512MB for $5 per year.
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    Found this site...

    Was kind of wondering that myself :)
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    Found this site... is the site. Hosted on a BuyVM VPS. Cool.
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    [Owned-Networks] KVM & OpenVZ Servers in 6 Locations starting @ $2.50/m & $13/yr

    From the looks of it on HE's Incero IPv4 prefix list, you have essentially If I were to purchase a VPS in Dallas, would my IP address be in that range? Also, in regards to IPv6, I see you guys don't do /64 blocks, so would it be possible to get an address ending in :2 (or...
  6. D. Strout – $5/month or $40/year 2GB OVZ in US(PHX or LA) or NL – Free Wildcard SSL

    Again, looking at the order page linked, it is clear that the CA is AlphaSSL, which is "powered by" GlobalSign
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    Secure Dragon's Wyvern gets its biggest update yet!

    There's a pretty big bug with the custom IPv6 addition: almost anything I type in the four boxes, when I submit I get this: I tried leaving the first three boxes blank and just putting 123 in the last, I tried feed:face:dead:beef, I tried just a 1 in the last box, all failed. Only thing that...
  8. D. Strout – $5/month or $40/year 2GB OVZ in US(PHX or LA) or NL – Free Wildcard SSL

    Click any of the order links and you'd see that there is a free wildcard addon option.
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    BudgetVZ/MegaVZ - Dedicated IPv4 Plans from €4/yr NAT IPv4 From €1.50/yr

    When I saw you now had IPv4 plans I kind of hoped they'd have the same nice location selection as the NAT plans :(
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    VPS/VPN Provider Promo from Incero

    Can you do a /48 IPv6?
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    The new year thread

    Less than fifteen minutes to go until the continental U.S. sees the first of the new year!
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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    BuyVM gets 3 points from me for pure innovation, as well as customer service and community presence. I'd give them all five of my points, but I want to also give points (one each) to Crissic and RamNode for reliability. Final tally: BuyVM: 3 points Crissic: 1 point RamNode: 1 point
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    For those of you using GMail, how often do you backup your mailbox?

    Same here. Guess it's probably a good idea, so I'm running a backup now with gmvault. Hope I never have to use it.
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    Crissic Yearly 512MB

    An update, by request. The last few months have for the most part seen the same level of support and performance. Just yesterday, though, I noticed upon logging in that the server was very laggy, taking a long time to run even a BIND reload. A disk speed test showed under 10MB/s. I opened a...