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    What are you doing for the 4th of July?

    No flag of any size can hide all them war crimes.
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    Please use time and zone

    I agree. If you're going to mention a time, at least mention it with the UTC +/- Otherwise I have to Google what timezone that is. Also don't use MM/DD/YY, it's retarded.
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    New ICANN rules will require email/phone verification for domain registration

    Why don't ICANN allow you to opt out of .com/.net/.info WHOIS like .eu domains? But its not as if I have around 50 phone numbers with no link back to me.
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    Is WHMCS next to be exploited?

    I would also be in favour of netnub being banned. He does nothing but contribute negativity towards this community. @netnub Stop pretending you are some sort of hero. You are ruining peoples lives.
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    LeaseWeb wipes MegaUploads data!

    The only time I've ever got a drive with a mountable filesystem of a previous customer was a datashack drive. 
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    Capisso VMPanel

    This is awesome.
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    Current Exploits & Patches - List ONLY

    If you find an exploit, give it to SolusLabs. If they don't do anything with it, that is not a reason for malicious attacks against companies who are not at fault.
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    LeaseWeb wipes MegaUploads data!

    I wonder if LeaseWeb actually scrubbed the drives or just re-partitioned them. If its the latter, I would love to be a LeaseWeb customer who gets one.
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    LeaseWeb wipes MegaUploads data!

    If they were not paying the bill and the contract has been terminated, LeaseWeb has no reason to keep the data on that hardware.
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    SolusVM Security Update!

    SolusVM are going to post a report later today.
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    Where's Mark all forums read link ?

    Bookmark this.
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    When will AMD back to market?

    Still waiting for AMD to move to 22nm processors.
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    DrMike what happen to him.

    Just to clear up any confusion, I did not write the quote I mentioned. That is from the one who can not be named.