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    vpsBoard's Future

    W00t W00t Here we go..
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    Which KVM hosts support custom ISOs?

    Most KVM providers should allow custom ISO uploads as long as its supported and it doesn't affect the nodes in anyway that they are hosted on. If an images is not in the list just open a support request and I am sure they would upload it for you.
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    Impact VPS Adds noVNC HTML5 Console

    To get SPICE working you usually have to install a client on the VPS you want to use it with before it will work.  In order to use Spice you need the following: Spice client on your desktop OS Spice drivers inside your VM (VirtIO, QXL Graphic card drivers)...
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    How does a NAT VPS work?

    What is so hard with this? If you are setting up NAT using a VPS its very easy to do depending on what appliance or application you want to use to setup the NAT interface for your VPS. For a free solution that is easy for beginners look at untangled has a gui interface as well as ssh console for...
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    Home security systems?

    If you want a camera system that records and also have network ability we went with a few 4 Channel 720P PoE NVR System with 1TB Hard Drive or if you want get the 8 channel. Works great for night vision and has a app for the phones as well so you can see live video and take snapshots. POE...
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    WHMCS v6 has been released

    Don't forget about all the people that use different modules for hosting from modulesgarden the list below is current for what works with whmcs 6.0 We are currently in the middle of verification and development of fixes for the modules which do not support the newest version of WHMCS yet.  ...
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    Jonny Nguyen - GreenValueHost - Raided by Police.

    So true kids never get the same punishment that was given when I was a kid it's considered abuse now lol. I am successful and have a family of my own a little slap now and then is needed to put them in their place but embarrassment works also if you use it at the right time. Kids get what they...
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    WHMCS to double their price of owned licenses.

    Yes this is also true but the higher ups want a raise so they need to hike up prices.  :D
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    WHMCS to double their price of owned licenses.

    I welcome the increase as this will help with the cost of developers and new features that everyone is always asking for. You have to spend money to make money folks those that complain are just summer hosts and the price increase will just help cut down on those.
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    VENOM, CVE-2015-3456, is a security vulnerability

    Not sure if you guys new about the issue yet just wanted to give you guys a heads up as I was updating my systems and found this on the alert. More info on this site link below a little snippet of info from the site about the security issue. VENOM, CVE-2015-3456...
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    PayPal USA Policy Changes Announced 4/30: Intangible Items Covered Starting 7/1

    Good news for clients and companies that wanted the protection.
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    Server and domain monitoring tool I made

    Looks good, how far back can you look at the stats?
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    Hivelocity/Sparknode: Recommended?

    Seems like some of the questions should of been asked before any orders were placed. I know on the main HV site that 3 months is required for cpanel management if you want it so I wouldn't see why they wouldn't offer the same thing on there sparknode site.  :popcorn: might of just been miss...
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    Looking for a cheap yearly VPS with IPv6 and peers with HE and Cogent

    We use both ipv6 and ipv4 with the following providers XO, Level 3, TWTC, GTT, NTT, Cogent, Comcast and Global Crossing. ipv6 is dhcp setup to your server we allow you to choose which ipv6 resolvers you want to use we let our clients know of Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses which are as...
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    You're all doing it wrong.

    Even with in house developers you always have rogue employees or developers that can cause issues with security. Best way to lock down the system is with the network you know what ips need to access what data all else should be denied and the issue is resolved. Admin areas, billing portals...