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    low-cost unmetered server deals?

    Didn't hear them before.
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    Finally a Large SolusVM update! Bug Fixes and More!

    Nothing new. The release pushed it mainline version to stable version only.
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    New site, new logo -- provide us with *your* feedback!

    The design looks good. As Jonathan mentioned about logo, I feel same as Jonathan.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Good to see VPSboard back.
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    Which KVM hosts support custom ISOs?

    You can try Lunanode.
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    VSNX family of companies expands

    Looks like all of them copied the TOS from HVH.
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    Looking for Reliable Hosting Partner

    What you are looking? VPS reseller ?
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    What is the cheapest vps of windows? And do you know any trial service for 30 days?

    I'd suggest to purchase dedicated server with windows datacenter license. Then setup hyper-v and create windows vm.
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    Incero DC | SSD Special | ★ E3-1230v2, 32GB, 4x 240 GB SSD, HW RAID-10, 30TB ★$169/mo!★

    Hello! We are HostPair LLC, we provide shared, reseller, master reseller, vps and now dedicated server solutions brought to you by premium hardware. Why HostPair LLC? HostPair LLC has been providing web hosting solutions since 2009. We have built up experience and we are very...
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    FYI: Planned vpsBoard maintenance will be occuring later this evening.

    New link is working fine. It seems issue with old links.
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    FYI: Planned vpsBoard maintenance will be occuring later this evening.

    Hyperlink doesn't working correctly. If you click on the any website url, its just open same thread instead website. You can reproduce by click on your signature link or open any advertisement thread and click on the website url.