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    phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?

    my choice is: toad free for mysql, mysql workbench cli.. phpmyadmin: every once in a while if its a cpanel based host :) however no serious operations there.. exports only..
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    Oracle tells its customers to stop analyzing its code

    ..or at least should to real audits on its own codebase.. ..and be thankful for those who report issues.. im sure there are *some*..
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    Oracle tells its customers to stop analyzing its code

    Oh man have you every seen an enterprise db? well there are some a whole bunch of sw solutions using it along with all the sw they ship themselves.. hint trust me oracle is such a monster and their db alone is used in...
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    Where do you host your ruby app *in the cloud* ?

    Hi, I'd like to ask the community about what are the {obvious / popular / best / etc } choices to host a ruby app *in the cloud*. So far im always directed at heroku which seems to be the obvious choice for development (and has been used already :) )  however I tought its best to ask if anyone...
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    Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today

    @HBAndrei: And why is that? I mean what is it to be specific that you enjoy in it compared to than 8.1? The anything more than the look&feel? I for one saw a performance increase even with my old laptop when I made the switch from 7 -> 8.1 and it wasnt just the old system-reinstall difference...
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    Best place to find coders?

    0. question: #define good developer The golden triangle: -precise, "makes it right" -fast -cheap you can choose 2 of those traits :)
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    VPS crashes every few day, really can't pin down the reason.

    ..or dont use apache at all..
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    Gay marriage (finally) legalized in the US

    It's always funny to hear such *good* things coming out of the US: :P - love of peace  :wub: - tolearance ^_^ etc. It's always stuff they are referring to as something they already master however the rest of the world is behind em. But moving there for a short while or even living there 15...
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    Let's Encrypt Launch Schedule Announced

    i havent seen any complaint just a notice that its not eva's thingy..
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    Learn Node.js for €100! (~5 hours of one-on-one tutoring)

    you should try this via a cloud ide where you can actually share code etc..
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    WebHostingTalk Worst of the Hosting Industry

    please take up the flag and go against all the news websites because they do not relay the facts but a twisted version of the correspondents understanding. all the news readers are affected by those twisted stories and thats harmful. [turning it down] sorry couldnt help myself
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    Windows XP

    They only way id run XP: on an airgapped computer inside some sort of virtual machine .. on second tought: nope not even that.. :D
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    LowEndTalk owners & admins promote racism

    Well my faviourite phrases are discriminatory, and hate speech. I hear them a LOT. mostly in such context: All those [green haired]  *?!#!! are so racist discriminatory, exclusionary [+whatever]. But talking like that isnt any of those things :). Like going on a revenge campaign is adviseable...