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    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    I've been working with Easy-DCIM lately and have to say it's a pretty solid product, it can completely auto provision from ordering to os installation if you have it configured correctly, it has modules for NOC-ps and WHMCS making it easy. It's also great for using it as your Datacenter...
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    Seeking Part Time work / also available as remote hands in Metro Detroit

    Hello, I'm seeking part time work in the hosting industry, I've been involved in the hosting industry in one way or another for the past 10+ years and have experience in a wide array of technologies. Listing a few.... SolusVM , cPanel / WHM, WHMCS, Kayako, EasyDCIM, Proxmox Livechat ...
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    Remote Hands | Dacentec | Hickory | Charlotte | Asheville

    I'm no longer in the Charlotte area but am located in the Metro Detroit area now
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    Remote Hands | Dacentec | Hickory | Charlotte | Asheville

    Hello, I'm local to the Hickory NC area and am able to provide remote hands. I have experience with  Rack and stack of equipment Cable runs and management terminating and patching Cat5 Running Fiber and installing optics Swapping Ram / HDD / Mobos / PCI cards Able to complete work in a...
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    2 HP servers for sale

    Server 1 2x Intel Xeon L5420 16GB 4x 146GB SAS 15k Drives Raid 1+0 HP Smart Array P400 RAID Controller 1x GigE Port   1U HP Proliant SE1101 150 + shipping / OBO Comes with an extra HDD exact model...
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    It looks like its a false positive as the site is basically just a site with a ton of keywords on it. I did however email cleanmx and have not heard back from them. But I've left the site online and will be marking it a false positive.
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    Well I'm not sure yet, I've asked for more info on why the site was flagged as I'm sure exactly what the error means.
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    Hello, So i received an abuse email from my provider that was sent to them from . I did a quick google and saw some people claiming they have some shady practices, but these opinions are obviously biased as the person had their site shut down and server wiped by their provider...
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    Multi Virtualization

    I dealt with Virtutalizor support on and off for a few weeks myself and I pray I never have to talk to them again. Was literally the worst support I've ever received. Honestly them not responding would have been better than the garbage they did claim to be support.
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    Live chat software

    I haven't used any live chat software recently but back in the day Kayako was the best from what I remember. Haven't looked into them recently but I always really enjoyed there user interfaces, they always seemed a bit ahead of the times.
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    What do you tell people you do for a living?

    Most of the time I just say internet technology, but if the person wants me to explain it to them and aren't very good with computers I'll say I sell real estate for websites. 
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    Billing and ticket panel options? WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta and ClientExec... what else?

    I've always used whmcs and liked it, the ticketing system lacks a bit but nothing you can't fix with getting a kayak lice se. Recently however I've been toying with the idea of blesta for the reason that you can run multiple front ends with one admin backend. You do have to buy multiple liceMaes...
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    Sat around one night with my partner trying to think of names, we knew we wanted to be able to make a strong mascot based off the name. Although we're still working on effectively using this mascot we have one designed that we love!
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    The future of web design

    Its very hard for an American designer to compete with the prices of a Eastern European or Asian designer. Especially when it comes to people looking for there designer online. Now when it comes to local clientele they definitely have the upper hand. 
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    GreenHostBox changing name and kicking all vps customers

    EDIT: realized this is different than gvh.Can't keep all these green hosts straight.